theres a few things that I needed to do, research health insurance, wish I could cancel foxtel but husband needs it for work no joke!!, mobile phone cost, car insurance.
funny that I was thinking about that I may have to find another job ontop of my first one which I work together with my husband but im also 90% with the kids and their schooling, activities. im thinking when can I find the time to get extra income because we are basically paying off the house really but also living comfortably. I just think that we live too comfortably that some things will need to come off….partly myself need to go cold turkey on energy sugary drinks as im addicted to them. get back to the gym as I only have 3 months left to use the contract will also help me stop drinking those silly drinks as il be drinking mostly water. its the motivation that ive lost at the moment.
life can be tough!

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Published 16th October 2019

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