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Do I serve a second carb?

If you’ve made a salad that includes pasta, do you serve another carb with the meal? Or is the salad plus some meat...

12 Answers

What do you serve for an ‘easy’ dinner?...

We’ve got friends coming over for a very low key dinner. We said we’d keep it casual. What...

21 Answers

Salad or Cooked Vegetables?

Just wondering whether other Mums get more success with Salad or Vegetables? And any tips on making them appealing to kids and a...

11 Answers

When will kids eat a proper salad?

I’m forever cutting up carrot and cucumber sticks! What age were your kids when they started eating proper salads rather than just separate...

2 Answers

How do you get your kids to try new flavours?

My kids are really reluctant to try new foods and flavours. It drives me a bit crazy. Any Mums got any tips for...

4 Answers

Favourite meat for BBQ?

What’s your favourite meat to cook on the BBQ? This Summer, I’m thinking I’ll get hubby to cook dinner outside (less cleaning up...

1 Answers

Help for Onion Eyes!

Help please! I LOVE onion in my salads but I cry my eyes out every time I cut them up. Has anyone got...

2 Answers

When should kids start cooking?

When did other Mums get their kids to start cooking? My kids are now 8 and 10 and I’m thinking they could be...

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What’s your go to salad?

Anyone got a really quick and easy salad that’s a crowd pleaser at BBQs and get togethers?

15 Answers

Got any quick and healthy dinner ideas for busy we...

On ‘after school care’ nights, I really struggle to make anything healthy because I’m in a rush. What...

18 Answers

Christmas lunch food

There wont be many of us maybe 10 including kids. What would you cook that is really easy?

1 Answers

What are some yummy baking ideas that can be froze...

Looking for recipe ideas for baking that I can pop in the freezer for convenience

17 Answers

Your best Beef mince dinners?

What are you’re favourite go to Beef mince dinners that isn’t bolognese or pie?? I’d love to hear some great ideas!

22 Answers

Which is better for you? fish or chicken?

My kids finally eat both!

13 Answers

Any good avocado recipes ?

I have a tray of them!

24 Answers

Thyroid friendly meal ideas?

Suggestions welcome!

7 Answers

How do you get a baby to eat more when they are te...

I have a fussy one year old who refuses most foods when teething

17 Answers

Does any body else love the ketogenic diet?

I’d love to know your experiences of it and how you felt about it, I in fact love it and swear by it...

10 Answers

Is Youfoodz good ?

Has anyone been using youfoodz as a weightloss aid? Did it work ? Was it good quality and nice tasting ?

14 Answers

Keto ? Is it worth the trouble

So all I see and hear is KETO keto Keto …. is it worth the bother? Does it work ? Is it really...

13 Answers

Christmas gift suggestions

What ideas do you have for gifts under $10 I usually give chocolate or fudge looking at neighbours and work friends so 40...

32 Answers

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