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Feeding – 7 month old – Wheetbix

I’ve started feeding my 7 month old half a wheetbix in the mornings. I had a little bit of hot water and the...

5 Answers

Kaboodle, Kinsman or other flat pack kitchens?

Kaboodle, Kinsman, Freedom, IKEA or smaller brand kitchens? Hello! Our kitchen is so old and disgusting and we’d love...

2 Answers

Super cheap recipe websites

I am after some good websites for recipes on a very tight budget.

13 Answers

What are the pros and cons of weight loss surgery?

I have two children who are now at the end of primary school. I have been diagnosed with...

15 Answers

Has anyone been panic buying due to Corona virus?

According to the news stores are running out of staple items.

34 Answers

I am a Type 2 Diabetic and am on a medication call...

but find I cannot eat after taking it and I was told to take before food. Does...

5 Answers

What’s the best breastfeeding safe vegan protein...

I’m currently breastfeeding my 4month old baby and no chances of stopping any time soon, but I’m looking...

9 Answers

Feeding a 10 month old dinner. Any tips on getting...

Help getting bub to eat dinner

22 Answers

Birthday brunch ideas?

QUIck and easy preferably!

25 Answers

What are your easy go to slow cooker recipes?

Really want to utilise a new rice/slow cooker. Preferably something you can just throw in and leave.

24 Answers

What is your worst festive food fail?

Let’s have a bit of fun! We’ve had blackened turkey, hard as rock potatoes and served raw ham. YUCH!! What has been your...

32 Answers

Foods to avoid with gestational diabetes

Been recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes and struggling to find consistent info on what foods to avoid (besides the obvious like candy). For example,...

9 Answers

Quick dinners for fussy eaters?

I’m all outta ideas!

12 Answers

Is the Ingham Buffet Turkey easy to carve

Easy to cook & carve?

6 Answers

Where to buy Cadbury limited edition chocolate?

I saw pineapple lump blocks at 7 11 yesterday for $5. I wasnt paying that price

11 Answers

What was everyone’s first pregnancy symptom

What was everyone’s first pregnancy symptom and how far a long were you?

22 Answers

Do I serve a second carb?

If you’ve made a salad that includes pasta, do you serve another carb with the meal? Or is the salad plus some meat...

41 Answers

What do you serve for an ‘easy’ dinner?...

We’ve got friends coming over for a very low key dinner. We said we’d keep it casual. What...

69 Answers

Salad or Cooked Vegetables?

Just wondering whether other Mums get more success with Salad or Vegetables? And any tips on making them appealing to kids and a...

50 Answers

When will kids eat a proper salad?

I’m forever cutting up carrot and cucumber sticks! What age were your kids when they started eating proper salads rather than just separate...

15 Answers

How do you get your kids to try new flavours?

My kids are really reluctant to try new foods and flavours. It drives me a bit crazy. Any Mums got any tips for...

22 Answers

Favourite meat for BBQ?

What’s your favourite meat to cook on the BBQ? This Summer, I’m thinking I’ll get hubby to cook dinner outside (less cleaning up...

34 Answers

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