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Dinner box subscription recommendations

What’s everyone’s dinner box recommendations? We get Dinnerly and love it, it’s very affordable and recipes are yummy and quick. Just seeing if...

2 Answers

Air fryer help

Never used before but would like to. Have heard they crack benchtops and after just having an expensive kitchen renovation im a bit...

9 Answers

Have you gotten rid of your microwave and loved it...

We had a kambrook microwave for the last 10 years and I hate to admit I became more...

26 Answers

Is a thermomix worth it?

Or are there better cheaper alternatives?

11 Answers

Coffee machine recommendations

I currently have a Breville Barista Express which I’ve loved but it’s started playing up and I’m looking at getting a new one....

11 Answers

has any Mums on here purchased Luxey cup?

I’m really wanting to buy the luxey cup original but before I spend the money (because it is alot) I was hoping to...

6 Answers

Lunchobox ideas

We have 4 kids at school and 1 more joining next year. Sometimes I just want lunchboxes to not feel so time consuming...

7 Answers

Are nutritional toddler milk drinks worth it

My daughter is a picky eater at dinner so just wondering if the toddler drink are worth trying to make sure she is...

4 Answers

What does everyone think of hellofresh worth it?

Hellofresh is it fresh? Worth the money? Cheaper then doing groceries every week? In your opinion

29 Answers

Are there any Healthy Breakfast Cereals

I was just wondering if anyone knows a healthy breakfast Cereal that’s good for adults and kids my kids are sick of Weetbix...

18 Answers

How Do I Get My 5 Year Old To Eat?

My five year old is stubborn and absolutely refuses to try anything that is not a chicken nugget!! What should I do?

20 Answers

Fruit and Veg box delivery in WA. Who do you use?

I want to support the local farmers and love the idea of getting fresh fruit and veg, seasonal...

1 Answers

Has anyone read the book “ Grace under pressure...

I know this site is not a book club, but when I read this book, all I could...

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Masterchef is back again

Masterchef is back again on TV are people getting sick of cooking shows or do you love them like me lol

7 Answers

Choosing food that has a better ingredients list t...

Trying to buy the best food options for your family is hard. Does anyone have an app or...

10 Answers

How do I clean yellow stains off cheap vinyl?

The stains are from rubber wheels on furniture sitting on the cream vinyl.

4 Answers

Hubby has recently been diagnosed with a heart con...

He has been put on a salt free and oil free diet. Does anyone have any recipes without...

15 Answers

How do you keep your fruit and veggies fresh?

Hi mums, I would love some of your secrets on how to make my fruit and veggies last longer? Do you put them...

33 Answers

Dying clothes

Black dye….I got a small area of bleach in some black.pants….will black clothes dye help.fix it?

9 Answers

Any great ideas for a construction 1st birthday pa...

Anything not obvious, any great ideas you did At local park

12 Answers

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