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How do you get a baby to eat more when they are te...

I have a fussy one year old who refuses most foods when teething

20 Answers

Does any body else love the ketogenic diet?

I’d love to know your experiences of it and how you felt about it, I in fact love it and swear by it...

12 Answers

Is Youfoodz good ?

Has anyone been using youfoodz as a weightloss aid? Did it work ? Was it good quality and nice tasting ?

14 Answers

Keto ? Is it worth the trouble

So all I see and hear is KETO keto Keto …. is it worth the bother? Does it work ? Is it really...

15 Answers

Christmas gift suggestions

What ideas do you have for gifts under $10 I usually give chocolate or fudge looking at neighbours and work friends so 40...

36 Answers

Kmart vs Sunbeam Pie Maker?

I am looking to get a pie maker – unsure whether to try the kmart one, or the sunbeam? ANyone have experience with...

12 Answers

Christmas lunch ideas that can be prepared ahead o...

Looking for make ahead food ideas for 20 plus people

17 Answers

What are your 7 month olds favorite purée food?

I would love to know some food you are giving your bubs

13 Answers

Has anyone else noticed the woolworths discovery g...

I kept smelling something like metwurst or jerky near our kitchen and finally found the source is the...

28 Answers

What do you think of your air fryer?

I am seeing more and more posts, ads and recipes that use an air fryer and I’m now feeling like I should be...

32 Answers

Food Ideas for hosting brunch?

For about 7 adults 2 young kids ?

13 Answers

Thermomix recipes wanted!

I’ve just purchased a Thermomix and am feeling really overwhelmed by all the things I can make in it! What are some great...

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Thanksgiving in Australia

Do any of you do thanksgiving dinners ?

20 Answers

Fathers Day

What are your fathers day activities and traditions ?

9 Answers

Does codral make anyone else loopy?

Or is it just my cold?

10 Answers

Cleaning ovens! How to get shiny tray bars

How to get the grime off the tray bars?? I’ve seen shiny results in magazines but mine so hard to get off. Or...

16 Answers

What age did you start your baby on food?

4 months? 6 months? How many times a day to start with? Puree or BLW? Give me all your info! Second time round...

29 Answers

For mums who have done baby-led weaning, would you...

Would you recommend baby-led weaning over starting with purées? If so do you have any advice on...

7 Answers

Meal prep and freezing

Just wondering if anyone has had any success freezing satay’ s? I think I need to add a new meal to my menu and...

10 Answers

What can I do with leftover pumpkin soup?

Our family Loves a warm and comforting pumpkin soup during the winter months. The problem is we always end up with heaps of...

20 Answers

Favourite meal delivery service

What is your favourite meal delivery service? I am a busy corporate mum so sometimes I need to have meals on hand and...

11 Answers

How often do you see your parents

My family live minutes away and I find because they are close I don’t seem to make visit time now as it’s a...

12 Answers

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