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Is a vegan diet easy?

I am thinking about switching to a vegan diet. I am a very busy mum of 4 and hubby is fifo? Is it...

13 Answers

Anti wrinkle cream

I am afraid I am starting to look my age! What is the best anti wrinkle cream/secrets?!

10 Answers

Breastfeeding and weight gain

I am trying hard to lose weight after my 4th child but that has proven impossible because all I want to do is...

8 Answers

Preexisting diabetes and pregnancy management

I got diabetic whe I was 30 yrs old i.e. 2 yrs after my first child was born. Untill then, all my glucose...

3 Answers

Mother of the Bride What do I wear

My daughter is getting married in August this year but I still have not found anything to wear to the Wedding I have...

4 Answers

Best way to reduce severity of colds and boost imm...

I have a 4 year old son who constantly has a runny nose at daycare but due to...

8 Answers

Do essential oils really work? Or is a vaporizer b...

Need advice mums! I’ve tried doterra euclyptus oil in the diffuser for my stuffy baby and didn’t think...

9 Answers

Should I get (peanut) allergy tests for my kids?

My girls now 4 and 6 have grown up avoiding whole nuts, peanut and peanut butter in particular....

15 Answers

What is best for flu and cold?

Strategies and brands that’s good for cold and flu

8 Answers

What essential oils can I use for colds and flus f...

We have a cold steam vaporiser and I want to know what’s the best essential oils to put...

2 Answers

When is the optimum time to have Vaporiser on?

Is it sufficient to have vaporiser on only during the night only, or should it be on in...

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Past Birth Trauma is weighing on me

A few people around me are going into labour and it has brought up memories of my own. I have a lot...

1 Answers

reviews on the contraceptive pill

Would like to know what pill you are on and how you find the pill? Side effects I’m on (Evelyn ) pill?

11 Answers

What do you give to children to help eliminate the...

age 6 & 8 yrs. they eat loads of veggies and i add garlic in to meals.

10 Answers

How are people dealing with colds during corona?

My little one has a cold at the moment, she has returned a negative swab for corona, and...

6 Answers

Why are you not supposed to give babies boiled wat...

We were always told to give our babies boiled water in between feeds if they had hiccups. ...

3 Answers

What is the best hand cream?

I get really dry hands in the winter and wondered if anyone has a fantastic cream which really works well. I find i...

25 Answers

Can you have Little Coughs Syrup while you're...

Cough syrup during pregnancy.

2 Answers

Teeth Brushing

I have a 17 month old and am finding it impossible to brush her teeth. She didn’t get her first tooth until 12...

11 Answers

Do you shed skin on breasts during pregnancy?

Peeling nipple skin during pregnancy?

3 Answers

Are parents settled back down from covid19 saga

have you and your family settled back into everyday living after lockdown

4 Answers

Bed wetting suggestions for older kids?

I have a 6 year old and 9 year old who still wet the bed, we have tried the bed wetting alarm for...

3 Answers

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