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How often do you catch up with your friends?

Weekly? Once you’ve had kids?

7 Answers

Thyroid friendly meal ideas?

Suggestions welcome!

4 Answers

sleep and day lights savings

anybody else have any troubles sleeping due to day light savings? any tips to help. it’s only an hour but impacted my sleep...

12 Answers

Has anyone had shingles?

How long did shingles last and how extensive were the shingles. How did you get relief?

7 Answers

Does any body else love the ketogenic diet?

I’d love to know your experiences of it and how you felt about it, I in fact love it and swear by it...

9 Answers

Is Youfoodz good ?

Has anyone been using youfoodz as a weightloss aid? Did it work ? Was it good quality and nice tasting ?

13 Answers

Keto ? Is it worth the trouble

So all I see and hear is KETO keto Keto …. is it worth the bother? Does it work ? Is it really...

10 Answers

How to get toddler to sleep

My 2 yr old has suddenly become afraid of sleeping in her cot, and has started to climb out of it. I have...

7 Answers

Does anyone get atypical migraines & had a similar...

In the last week twice I have lost feeling in the whole left hand side of my body....

6 Answers

Medium services

Has anyone paid for clairvoyant services eg tarot readings etc? Did you find it accurate ?

12 Answers

Easy, fast but presentable hairstyles?

My hair only looks presentable when blow dried and straightened but it can be really time consuming. I’m asking on here because I’ve...

11 Answers

Feather Touch Brows.. Worth It?

I have always had very minimal brows which don’t like growing, or growing in the areas that are sparse. Now having a child...

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Nail health after acrylics

Hi I had my first set or acrylic nails recently and now my nails are terrible splintering breaking and weak any idea’s on...

3 Answers

Doesn’t anyone else feel overly tired leading up...

I do, just wondering if that’s normal?

8 Answers

When did you change your baby from rear facing to ...

My daughter is 18months old and i was wondering when would be a good time to change...

7 Answers

What do you do for me time?

I’m wanting to hear what other mum’s do daily for themselves!

11 Answers

Lbl with age

At what age do you think a little light bladder leakage is usual ? Any tips for managing it?

7 Answers

Eyelash extensions

Hi I got my first set of eyelash extensions 10 days ago I am trying to figure out how much loss is...

5 Answers

What do you think of your air fryer?

I am seeing more and more posts, ads and recipes that use an air fryer and I’m now feeling like I should be...

25 Answers

What age did your children start an after school/w...

Our son is 6 and started prep this year. He currently does swimming once a week after school...

4 Answers

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