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Has anyone tried a Beautifully Well Box?

Is it Good or Bad Value

6 Answers

What’s the best breastfeeding safe vegan protein...

I’m currently breastfeeding my 4month old baby and no chances of stopping any time soon, but I’m looking...

10 Answers

Would You Cancel Your Holiday Because Of Fear Of C...

How are you all feeling about travelling (or even leaving the house) with this awful Coronavirus around? We have...

31 Answers

Does anyone else have trouble with their memory?

I seem to be having issues with my memory – most commonly around words. Words that I know...

23 Answers

Microdermabrasion kits

Has anyone tried these at home? Going to professionals are so expensive per session and I’m considering whether buying the in store ones...

3 Answers

Mosquito bites! Any remedies?

My daughter suffers from enlarged lumps that form scabs when she has been bitten by a mozzie that take around a month to...

16 Answers

How to lighten my Handbag?

During the Christmas/New Year shopping I noticed that my shoulders were aching at the end of the day. So I decided to weigh...

23 Answers

When does drinking become a problem?

This morning I left the house to run an errand leaving 3 of my young kids (all under 5) with my husband. For...

20 Answers

Best at home IPL/Laser hair removal machine?

Looking to buy one but it’s so overwhelming because there are so many. Has anyone got first hand experience with one they would...

6 Answers

Getting help for an eating disorder?

I have had an eating disorder for about 14 years now. I was overweight as a child and then weight has been up...

10 Answers

What baby massage oil do you recommend for baby ma...

My bub is 14 weeks old and Im looking to do baby massage but I’m unsure of the...

17 Answers

Has anyone had a Mastopexy?

After breastfeeding 5 children & having a G cup chest unfortunately my breasts have changed significantly & are sagging very badly with nothing...

7 Answers

Anyone else experiencing postpartum hair loss?

After both my babies I experienced postpartum hair loss, my daughter is now 11months and I still feel...

17 Answers

Perfect bikini line?

How does everyone get the perfect bikini line? I’d love to just wear bikini bottoms but can’t because now matter how much I...

8 Answers

Any tips for curling hair?

And keeping it that way?!

15 Answers

Snoring husband

What can I do?!

20 Answers

How to to approach someone with baby blues

Not sure they realise they have it

8 Answers

What do you do for upper lip hair?

Best most discreet option?

22 Answers

What to do about final nail infection?

Any discreet options?!

5 Answers

SNS or shellac?

Which is better?

6 Answers

Pregnancy vs birth experience

Curious to know everyone’s pregnancy vs birth experience. For example, I had an easy pregnancy with my first and a complicated birth. This...

15 Answers

Natural remedies for ear infections?

I’m struggling!

8 Answers

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