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Honestly, have you ever thought about trading in y...

For a younger model or something?

1 Answers

Christmas Pickle Tradition

I found the Christmas pickle decoration and like the quirky idea…does anyone else follow the Christmas pickle tradition? The last decoration hidden...

6 Answers

How to have more energy

I feel absolutely exhausted all the time Any helpful tips to help this mum to have more energy

8 Answers

Daughters Wedding

My eldest daughter is getting married next year which is exciting but his family has taken over the wedding they have invited 70...

6 Answers

Do you donate blood ?

I’ve recently started to donate whole blood and plasma. It’s something I have always wanted to do, but unable to until there were...

8 Answers

Native plants

Starting to do my garden and would love ideas for native plants. Thanks ladies

6 Answers

Christmas with separated in laws

My In-Laws separated last year, one is in a new relationship the other not. How do we have a harmonious festive season all...

18 Answers

Partner with dissociative disorder?

My partner has been diagnosed with a dissociative disorder (not the identity one, but a mix of the other two). His perception of...

9 Answers

I need a makeover so bad, where do I start

I am an extremely busy Mumma of four, I work full time and barely find time for myself. I turned 40 at the...

12 Answers

Quick ice breakers for conversations?

With new people

14 Answers

How much do you spend on your friends hens night?

If you’re throwing it?

9 Answers

Learning to drive

Has anyone thought like me to go for their manual drivers licence and then changed their mind because I found it to be...

10 Answers

Has anyone tried the ordinary skin care?

I not long ago purchased some of their products and I really like them but I’m not sure what product in their range...

1 Answers

Has anyone tried Stan?

The tv network?

25 Answers

How often do you catch up with your friends?

Weekly? Once you’ve had kids?

17 Answers

sleep and day lights savings

anybody else have any troubles sleeping due to day light savings? any tips to help. it’s only an hour but impacted my sleep...

13 Answers

What do you do to unwind?

I think I need some ideas aside from washing!!

19 Answers

Christmas gift suggestions

What ideas do you have for gifts under $10 I usually give chocolate or fudge looking at neighbours and work friends so 40...

32 Answers

What Do you Do for your Anniversary?

So what do you do for your anniversary? Do you still buy gifts go out or ?? 20 years together 11 years married...

14 Answers

Online shopping

How often do you shop online and what for usually

27 Answers

Medium services

Has anyone paid for clairvoyant services eg tarot readings etc? Did you find it accurate ?

12 Answers

Christmas for adults

What are your thoughts on adult families doing a secret santa I want to do it but I also love buying gifts for...

17 Answers

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