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Who are you most missing having a coffee with duri...

Up until 2 weeks ago, I would go over to my mum’s house every morning and we’d enjoy...

23 Answers

Boyfriends and Girlfriends during COVID-19?

What are other Mums doing about their kids’ boyfriends and girlfriends during COVID-19? We have said absolutely no contact because they wouldn’t stay 1.5m...

18 Answers

Where can I find good cushions that aren’t too e...

Hi there! Every time I look in a homewares store for good cushions, they seems to be SO expensive....

1 Answers

How is everyone coping with the lockdowns and soci...

Have any major plans had to change?

14 Answers

HELP! My son thinks he is gay and is suicidal.

My 14 year old has never shown any romantic interest in boys before, so it was a shock...

10 Answers

Gifts from the Mil with the wrong dates

My Mil gave both my children engraved gifts,the issue is the dates are wrong, I have enquired about getting them re engraved but...

11 Answers

Has anyone had their DNA done and were you happy w...

DNA seems the way of the future but can have devastating effects. I found out all my sisters...

12 Answers

Hormone replacement therapy

I’ve been experiencing hot flushes due to menopause for 2 years now. I’ve heard it can go on for years. I planned to...

18 Answers

Do you celebrate Valentine's day?

I know it’s a silly comercialised day but really what’s wrong with celebrating love? Sharing some time with a loved one or buying...

12 Answers

Does anyone else have trouble with their memory?

I seem to be having issues with my memory – most commonly around words. Words that I know...

23 Answers

Empty Nesters

I am soon to become a empty nester and don’t know how to deal with it all. I have one daughter getting married...

17 Answers

What do you do at night?

Feeling stuck in a rut and bored of a night. Sick of watching tv or being on the phone after kids are in...

24 Answers

How do you gently wean an older child?

Looking for tips to wean a four year old off the breast. He only feeds occasionally in the morning and at night, but...

7 Answers

Boys names starting with L

Does anyone have any good names starting with ‘L’ for boys

39 Answers

Who will you miss this Christmas?

Today I cried because I realised that this will be the fourth Christmas since my first born had passed away before taking his...

19 Answers

How soon is too soon?

Being a single of mum of two children, I’ve been single for a long time. Recently I met someone who changed my mind...

15 Answers

Maybe next year we could do a Secret Santa?

I don’t know hows we would work it but it would be fun for all the mums who contribute to this site.

23 Answers

False negative pregnancy test

Has anyone experienced a negative home pregnancy test but was actually pregnant at the time?

9 Answers

Best ways I can make some extra money

When at home with the kids, any ways to make some extra cash?

32 Answers

Christmas Cakes and Pudding Traditon

I was curious does anyone still serve Christmas cake and Pudding on Christmas Day as a Tradional dessert

9 Answers

Me days/mental health days for kids

Just after I put my son to bed, he came down and said he felt sick. I think he really just wanted a...

14 Answers

How Do I Win Against Trash Talking Hubby?

Ok. So my hubby and I are quite playful and love to joke around and play fight and wrestle around sometimes to joke....

9 Answers

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