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How often do you catch up with your friends?

Weekly? Once you’ve had kids?

12 Answers

sleep and day lights savings

anybody else have any troubles sleeping due to day light savings? any tips to help. it’s only an hour but impacted my sleep...

13 Answers

What do you do to unwind?

I think I need some ideas aside from washing!!

14 Answers

Christmas gift suggestions

What ideas do you have for gifts under $10 I usually give chocolate or fudge looking at neighbours and work friends so 40...

29 Answers

What Do you Do for your Anniversary?

So what do you do for your anniversary? Do you still buy gifts go out or ?? 20 years together 11 years married...

14 Answers

Online shopping

How often do you shop online and what for usually

26 Answers

Medium services

Has anyone paid for clairvoyant services eg tarot readings etc? Did you find it accurate ?

12 Answers

Christmas for adults

What are your thoughts on adult families doing a secret santa I want to do it but I also love buying gifts for...

16 Answers

Eyelash extensions

Hi I got my first set of eyelash extensions 10 days ago I am trying to figure out how much loss is...

5 Answers

What will/do your grandkids call you?

My daughter is having her first baby soon and I can’t decide what I want my first grandchild to call me. I’m not...

29 Answers

What age did your children start an after school/w...

Our son is 6 and started prep this year. He currently does swimming once a week after school...

4 Answers

Does your hubby help with cooking / cleaning much?

Mine does and I hear so many ppl saying theirs don’t? What’s going on?

25 Answers

Best treatment for c sect scars?

Any advice welcome!!

7 Answers

Have you learnt a musical instrument as an adult?

Have you learnt a musical instrument as an adult? What did you learn and we’re you self taught...

8 Answers

Need help finding more books to read

I absolutely love reading. Young adult fantasy. I’ve pretty much read them all. I like easy books to read. Any suggestions would be...

19 Answers

Being a stepmother with baby coming.

My stepdaughter is expecting her first child soon and this will be my husbands first biological grandchild. There is no partner on the...

5 Answers

Fathers Day

What are your fathers day activities and traditions ?

7 Answers

First fathers day without

Struggling today with Father’s Day it’s yhe first one without my father in-law I’m finding it hard to make a big fuss...

4 Answers

Clipping pups claws for first time

How do I make it less scary. I’ve not done this before.

10 Answers

Cheating on social media by hearting someone'...

How is it teenagers think putting a love heart on a post is cheating.

14 Answers

Meal prep and freezing

Just wondering if anyone has had any success freezing satay’ s? I think I need to add a new meal to my menu and...

8 Answers

Husband not spending time with my family

Lately my husband won’t visit my family and is borderline rude when they visit but he expects me to do lots for and...

14 Answers

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