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The teenage years

My daughter is 13 this month, and hormonal changes (I hope) have made her into this sarcastic nasty peace of work. I can’t...

7 Answers

Pros and cons of the ‘make up baby’?

I have met several people who decided to have another child to try and improve their relationship. Have...

4 Answers

Any tips to help separation anxiety in a 1 year ol...

I have a now 22 month old, who has been going to day care (1 day for 6...

4 Answers

Best cold remedies?

What are everyone’s go-to cold remedies or prevention tips?

6 Answers

What’s the one thing you wished you knew about p...

Before becoming pregnant, what’s the one thing you wished you knew?

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How to improve my daughter’s perception of havin...

My six year old has declared she never wants to have babies, because it will hurt too much....

1 Answers

How did you know you were “done”?

So many mums make a firm decision on the number of children they want but I can’t make up my mind and change...

5 Answers

Do you think the net is making people more rude?

I’m a lover of the net. But when I do step back and see “catfish” “trolls” “online bullies”...

2 Answers

Managing swollen feet?

What are the best ways to manage swollen feet?

5 Answers

How do I reignite the love with my husband of 9 ye...

We both just had our 2nd child 9 months ago and with 2 young children in tow, we’ve...

15 Answers

Do You Believe In Angels?

I have always believed in Angels but had never asked for their help until recently. Visiting a friend, she told me how she...

2 Answers

How much “me time” do you get per week?

Just wondering how much “me time” other Mums get during the week?

10 Answers

Did anyone else suffer a traumatic birth?

I had a terrible first birth and needed counselling. I’m just wondering if anyone else was the same?

2 Answers

Learning to drive at 29

Ashamed to say I do not have my license at 29. As I grew up in foster care I never had anyone teach...

9 Answers

Territorial dog!! Please help

We have had our youngest dog for over a year now. Hes been great but just recently hes become really territorial. He barks...

4 Answers

What is planned for the garden in Winter?

Please share your ideas and projects.

7 Answers

Where is a good destination in Australia for a sno...

Looking for accomodation and activities for a family on a budget.

8 Answers

HELP! My son is a loner

my 10 year old son wont make friends i told him to at least make one friend so he isnt lonely on...

3 Answers

Making new friends

My husband and i are thinking of moving city. What have other mum’s done in this situation to make new friends?

15 Answers

How do you destress?

I like to cook or clean

20 Answers

Urgently need some ideas for an Autistic adult act...

If you have any ideas or suggestions for activities to do with a deaf Autistic adult I would...

6 Answers

Cancer how has it impacted your family?

How has the big C impacted you’re family. Having a hard time accepting it’s presence in mine.

1 Answers

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