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Border boundaries invaded by aircon units

Hi, I am in the back house and my neighbor is in the front house. The wall of their house is right...

11 Answers

Natural way to get rid of snails?

I seem to have a million of them eating my herbs and I don’t want to use snail pellets

3 Answers

Where can I recycle soft toys?

I have so many excellent, near new soft toys that belong to both my kids …and me (yes, I used to have loads...

3 Answers

Kitten toilet training!

We’ve recently added a new kitten to our family (3 kids plus a 1 year old cat). He’s 13 weeks old and doesn’t...

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Whats the reason for yellowing of tomato plant lea...

My Tomato plant ‘s leaves have started turning yellow. Can you please help in suggesting what can done...

8 Answers

Yellow sun screen stains

Not sure if this has been asked before, but has anyone got a tried method that helps remove the yellow stains from white...

9 Answers

Favourite prizes

I want to know what everyone’s favourite prize is that they have won?

23 Answers

Bossy neighbours

Our neighbours have just moved in and want to cut down our hedge between us. In its place, they want to plant new...

18 Answers

How do you wash heavy curtains in the home?

We have several long heavy curtains in our living room and bedrooms. They’re so dusty and have never been washed. Is our only...

15 Answers

Woolworths Glass Containers

Has anyone got one of these and if so, how’s the quality please?

27 Answers

Recommend tools for garden maintenance for someone...

The older I get I find it harder to maintain the lawn, garden, and exterior of the house....

10 Answers

Best growing tips for large mango haul

Any tips on growing mangoes? We lost all but one mango in the September winds, which seem to have stayed right though until...

3 Answers

Has anyone tried growing their own goji berries?

If so, what did you do to make them grow better? What kind of fertiliser do you use?...

5 Answers

How to stop bugs eating my basil

For some reason all that being devoured in my vegetable patch is my basil leaves? I’m not even sure what bug is eating...

6 Answers

Has anyone got tips on encouraging Feijoa plants t...

We have 2 feijoa (pineapple guava) plants that have not done anything in two years. We have occasionally...

6 Answers

What DVDs and series do you recommend?

I am looking for suggestions for DVDs and series and value the opinions of this community.

10 Answers

What books do you recommend reading?

I love to read which includes new books and old books on a wide spectrum of topics. I look through book store catalogues...

11 Answers

What are your best tips for saving on food and gro...

I am budget conscious but would like to make more savings. Please share your best tips for saving...

18 Answers

Has anyone seen Big Sister plum puddings anywhere?

Can’t seem to find one anywhere.

11 Answers

What is the best product to use on grass to get ri...

I have garden beds all around so don’t want anything that might spray onto my plants.

11 Answers

Can I put coconut oil on my wooden floors?

Some of the boards have been polished but some is like new as I had to pull up the carpet, my has is...

9 Answers

Budget 2020

Aged pensioners need more than $500 cash bonus. What do you think?

10 Answers

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