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Puppy food to adult dog food

How to get your dog to eat all his dry dog food as we are finding it difficult he will always look for...

11 Answers

Christmas gift suggestions

What ideas do you have for gifts under $10 I usually give chocolate or fudge looking at neighbours and work friends so 40...

27 Answers

Poisoning for pests

Does anyone regularly spray their house and yard for pests ? Spiders ? I bought a 2l hand spray for $16...

8 Answers

Christmas for adults

What are your thoughts on adult families doing a secret santa I want to do it but I also love buying gifts for...

15 Answers

Window cleaning

What is the best way to clean outside windows

14 Answers

Has anyone else noticed the woolworths discovery g...

I kept smelling something like metwurst or jerky near our kitchen and finally found the source is the...

26 Answers

What do you think of your air fryer?

I am seeing more and more posts, ads and recipes that use an air fryer and I’m now feeling like I should be...

25 Answers

Does your hubby help with cooking / cleaning much?

Mine does and I hear so many ppl saying theirs don’t? What’s going on?

25 Answers

Needing some tips on being organised

I need to get my house organised stat! Looking for any tips that could help with that. Even cleaning tips that make a...

13 Answers

Thanksgiving in Australia

Do any of you do thanksgiving dinners ?

20 Answers

Fathers Day

What are your fathers day activities and traditions ?

7 Answers

Clipping pups claws for first time

How do I make it less scary. I’ve not done this before.

10 Answers

Favourite meal delivery service

What is your favourite meal delivery service? I am a busy corporate mum so sometimes I need to have meals on hand and...

8 Answers

Greyhound rehoming ?

Thinking about adopting an ex racing greyhound has anyone done this ? Are they a needy pet ? Do they need a lot...

6 Answers

Recipes for Truffles

I bought some truffles at aldi a few weeks ago do you have any recipes suggestions

2 Answers

Other uses for Duck Fat ?

I use duck fat for roasting potatoes but is there anything else you can use it for ?

5 Answers

What to watch on Netflix

Any suggestions for some series to watch on netflix I’ve done outlander stranger things and heartland currently watching fargo have...

22 Answers

In need of a decent pillow

I am constantly changing and trying new pillows I just can’t seem to get a good one…. I am a side and back...

13 Answers

Has anyone been using KOH

Has anyone been using Koh products ? Any tips on mould removal in the shower without bleach I have an untreated marble...

14 Answers

Fixed or Variable?

Trying to decide if we should fix the home loan again….. low rates and not much change happening but does this make...

9 Answers

headache and nausea after massage ? anyone else

wellness questions post massage

8 Answers

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