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Best indoor plants for a beginner

Hi all, we’ve just moved into our brand new home and I’d love to introduce some indoor plants however I’m not a green...

30 Answers

Maybe next year we could do a Secret Santa?

I don’t know hows we would work it but it would be fun for all the mums who contribute to this site.

19 Answers

False negative pregnancy test

Has anyone experienced a negative home pregnancy test but was actually pregnant at the time?

8 Answers

Best ways I can make some extra money

When at home with the kids, any ways to make some extra cash?

19 Answers

Tiny homes

Anyone built/ have one?

17 Answers

Present idea for grandparents

They have it all, plenty of photos of the kids too. Need a new and exciting idea

12 Answers

How can I make my Zanzibar plant look more healthy

I no good with looking after plants so i brought a Zanzibar gem because they “thrive on neglect”. I...

3 Answers

Aussie versions of Mrs Hinch's favourites?

I’m low key obsessed with Mrs Hinch and always wonder if the products she uses are either available...

15 Answers

Building a new garden! Plant recommendations pleas...

I have just cleared our rental after years of neglect,(we moved into this state) looking to bring the...

19 Answers

Christmas Decorations

I love Christmas and all the decorations that come with it all I only decorate inside the house and have never put any...

25 Answers

What is the right fabric softener to use in top lo...

I want to know what is right softener to use.I use Cuddly and other brands depending on price/special....

1 Answers

Do I serve a second carb?

If you’ve made a salad that includes pasta, do you serve another carb with the meal? Or is the salad plus some meat...

41 Answers

What do you serve for an ‘easy’ dinner?...

We’ve got friends coming over for a very low key dinner. We said we’d keep it casual. What...

66 Answers

Favourite meat for BBQ?

What’s your favourite meat to cook on the BBQ? This Summer, I’m thinking I’ll get hubby to cook dinner outside (less cleaning up...

29 Answers

Help for Onion Eyes!

Help please! I LOVE onion in my salads but I cry my eyes out every time I cut them up. Has anyone got...

29 Answers

When should kids start cooking?

When did other Mums get their kids to start cooking? My kids are now 8 and 10 and I’m thinking they could be...

37 Answers

What’s your go to salad?

Anyone got a really quick and easy salad that’s a crowd pleaser at BBQs and get togethers?

25 Answers

Got any quick and healthy dinner ideas for busy we...

On ‘after school care’ nights, I really struggle to make anything healthy because I’m in a rush. What...

20 Answers

Christmas Pickle Tradition

I found the Christmas pickle decoration and like the quirky idea…does anyone else follow the Christmas pickle tradition? The last decoration hidden...

12 Answers

Native plants

Starting to do my garden and would love ideas for native plants. Thanks ladies

14 Answers

How to make rugs smell fresh and nice?

We recently got a secondhand rug and it has a particular smell I can’t stand. I have bleached the underside, used carpet foam cleaner...

13 Answers

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