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New washing machine. Totally confused by online re...

Could mums recommend what reliable brand they have and thoughts on machine that provides best results.

14 Answers

New puppy!! What are the must haves

We are getting our first puppy in a few weeks. What are your recommendations on what we need!

15 Answers

renovating bathroom

Can anyone suggest some good companies who will help on design which offer free advice. thank you

14 Answers

My children want an inground swimming pool

Is it worth it? My kids want a pool. I feel so bad every summer. And now they are teenagers + they want...

35 Answers

Is $32,000 for a ramp really a fair price?

I’m 41 in a wheelchair majority of the time due to multiple chronic pain conditions, we have two teen daughters with Autism and...

20 Answers

Stains on basins

Stains on white basin….anyone know any good cleaning products to remove green stains around taps on a basin in bathrooms and also light...

12 Answers

How to get your child to tidy their room?

My daughter is 5 years old. Every night I have to ask her to clean her room, which almost every time ends...

196 Answers

Robo vacuums

What do people who have robo vaccums think of them? I vaccum everyday but with 2 under 2 the mess never ends! So...

24 Answers

Best Suburbs for Families In Adelaide?

One of our members is looking to move to Adelaide and would like advice on the Best Suburbs for Families In Adelaide.

5 Answers

What is a product you swear by?

It can be beauty/skin, cleaning, cooking, fragrance, pets. What is something you found that you will forever use because its so great?

25 Answers

Getting ready for high school

What are some useful tips and tricks for getting an anxious child ready for the transition to high school.

5 Answers

Have you gotten rid of your microwave and loved it...

We had a kambrook microwave for the last 10 years and I hate to admit I became more...

28 Answers

What was some unexpected cost when purchasing your...

We are buying our first home and would LOVE some tips to prepare us. What was some unexpected...

19 Answers

Washing machine

Does anyone have experience with the Haier 8kg-4kg Combo Washer Dryer ?? One machine for your washing and drying, saving space in the...

19 Answers

Hi I have been trying to purchase Mr Muscle bathro...

Which shops keep it in stock.

7 Answers

Are Dishwashers worth buying

My husband is keen to buy a Dishwasher but I really think they are not worth the money. As I still love to...

45 Answers

What does everyone think of hellofresh worth it?

Hellofresh is it fresh? Worth the money? Cheaper then doing groceries every week? In your opinion

31 Answers

How do we do it!

My husband works away a lot, weeks at a time, we have two children, both under school age, how do I keep up...

11 Answers

Help! My partner doesn’t do any washing up!

We had this question submitted via Facebook Messenger from a mum who has asked for advice. Have you...

46 Answers

Toyota kluger or nissan xtrail

Hi I m looking at buying a new family car! Has anyone got a Toyota kluger or a Nissan xtrail? Would you recommend...

8 Answers

Fruit and Veg box delivery in WA. Who do you use?

I want to support the local farmers and love the idea of getting fresh fruit and veg, seasonal...

1 Answers

Reality TV shows Love or Hate them

We love them or hate them and there are way too many Reality shows on the TV Yes or NO do you love...

13 Answers

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