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Fixed or Variable?

Trying to decide if we should fix the home loan again….. low rates and not much change happening but does this make...

9 Answers

headache and nausea after massage ? anyone else

wellness questions post massage

8 Answers

What does everyone use Lectric Washing Powder for?

What different things does everyone use Lectric Washing Powder for other than Miracle Spray?

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Any recommendations for front loader washing machi...

I’ve always had a top loader washing machine but am looking to start my daughter on cloth nappies...

11 Answers

Since when is a size 12 defined as a plus size?

I recently visited my local shopping centre to find a new store catering for plus size women. I...

13 Answers

What is your favourite slow cooker recipe?

After easy to throw together recipes where leftovers can be frozen and reheated. Thanks

11 Answers

Ideas for fathers day presents?

What are you getting or doing for father’s day?

12 Answers

What should I put above the bed to decorate?

Or leave it blank.

8 Answers

Removing Iron on label's

I’ve got a back pack and I need to remove the old school label, any tips so i can get it off to...

7 Answers

How to best prep for the week ahead?

I am a solo parent of 2, who also works full-time. What things can I do on a Sunday to prep for my week...

6 Answers

How do you get a child to stay in her big girls be...

Recently, my 2yo Grand Daughter was put into her “big girls bed” from a cot, and she keeps...

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Do you live in a rural area?

How do other mums find living in a rural area?

13 Answers

Any tips for cloth nappies?

I’m wanting to start using cloth nappies with my second child (9 weeks old). I thought it was going to be pretty straight...

4 Answers

Built in oven or range cooker?

I’m going to put a new kitchen in but I’m not sure to go with a built in wall oven and separate hob...

6 Answers

Good washing machine recommendations?

My washing machine is on its way out so I am starting to look at new ones I want a good one but...

8 Answers

DIY on a small budget?

Has anyone done a DIY project on your home? Just bought a house with hubby and it needs some renovations on a small budget.

4 Answers

Do you sew presents?

Complete newbie here but wanting to sew some presents for family so I’m ready for Christmas. What are your go-to presents that you...

21 Answers

Best way to reduce electricity costs in winter?

I’m looking to lower our electricity and gas bills but keep our house warm in winter.

7 Answers

Do You Believe In Angels?

I have always believed in Angels but had never asked for their help until recently. Visiting a friend, she told me how she...

2 Answers

Moving house?

How can I make it easy to pack with 3 kids? Any hints and tips?

10 Answers

What is the best value energy company?

Is AGL overpriced? Our last bill was horrendous so I’m wondering what energy companies other Mums use.

9 Answers

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