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Best Garden Edging?

Hi there! I’d like to know what you’d rate as the best garden edging? We are putting a new hedge around our backyard and want to...

10 Answers

Is composite decking as good as real timber?

Hi, we’re putting a new deck onto the back of our house soon and one of our friends suggested we look at Modwood...

7 Answers

Best Air Conditioning Brand?

Hello thanks for your advice. We are looking at heating and cooling options for our home and just wondering if air conditioning is worth...

4 Answers

Kaboodle, Kinsman or other flat pack kitchens?

Kaboodle, Kinsman, Freedom, IKEA or smaller brand kitchens? Hello! Our kitchen is so old and disgusting and we’d love...

4 Answers

Can My Cleaner Still Come Work With All The Corona...

In these difficult times and especially with all these new restrictions, I don’t know what I should do...

27 Answers

How Has Your Life Changed With This Corona Crazine...

Hmmm…it’s the little things for me – we’re rationing our paper towel and wipes, much more pedantic about...

34 Answers

Removing stains from carpet

I have a large dark brown stain on my beige carpet and have tried every thing I can to get rid of it,...

17 Answers

Work life balance

Hi all, Just wanted to know how you all manage work life balance when you work full time? I find it difficult to spend...

12 Answers

Gifts from the Mil with the wrong dates

My Mil gave both my children engraved gifts,the issue is the dates are wrong, I have enquired about getting them re engraved but...

12 Answers

Has anyone been panic buying due to Corona virus?

According to the news stores are running out of staple items.

39 Answers

What is the best way to keep my shower caddy from ...

I have a plastic caddy and it keeps falling down. I have found some advices like https://www.labourmatters.com/how-to-keep-corner-shower-caddy-from-falling/, but...

13 Answers

Has anyone had their DNA done and were you happy w...

DNA seems the way of the future but can have devastating effects. I found out all my sisters...

13 Answers

Hormone replacement therapy

I’ve been experiencing hot flushes due to menopause for 2 years now. I’ve heard it can go on for years. I planned to...

19 Answers

Does anyone still make Easter gifts for your child...

Or m I just being old fashioned. I loved making baskets, painting eggs etc and surprising them on...

15 Answers

Best indoor plants for a beginner

Hi all, we’ve just moved into our brand new home and I’d love to introduce some indoor plants however I’m not a green...

39 Answers

Maybe next year we could do a Secret Santa?

I don’t know hows we would work it but it would be fun for all the mums who contribute to this site.

24 Answers

False negative pregnancy test

Has anyone experienced a negative home pregnancy test but was actually pregnant at the time?

10 Answers

Best ways I can make some extra money

When at home with the kids, any ways to make some extra cash?

36 Answers

Tiny homes

Anyone built/ have one?

21 Answers

Present idea for grandparents

They have it all, plenty of photos of the kids too. Need a new and exciting idea

13 Answers

How can I make my Zanzibar plant look more healthy

I no good with looking after plants so i brought a Zanzibar gem because they “thrive on neglect”. I...

4 Answers

Aussie versions of Mrs Hinch's favourites?

I’m low key obsessed with Mrs Hinch and always wonder if the products she uses are either available...

15 Answers

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