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How do I get my son to poop in the toilet?

This is a question for any mums with older boys who have successfully gone through toilet training. I have a 3year old who I...

13 Answers

I need advice regarding my child and bullies

what can I do if my child gets bullied everyday including threats like, “I’ll kill you in front of your family” and “I’ll...

6 Answers

Do I serve a second carb?

If you’ve made a salad that includes pasta, do you serve another carb with the meal? Or is the salad plus some meat...

10 Answers

Salad or Cooked Vegetables?

Just wondering whether other Mums get more success with Salad or Vegetables? And any tips on making them appealing to kids and a...

7 Answers

When will kids eat a proper salad?

I’m forever cutting up carrot and cucumber sticks! What age were your kids when they started eating proper salads rather than just separate...

2 Answers

How do you get your kids to try new flavours?

My kids are really reluctant to try new foods and flavours. It drives me a bit crazy. Any Mums got any tips for...

4 Answers

When should kids start cooking?

When did other Mums get their kids to start cooking? My kids are now 8 and 10 and I’m thinking they could be...

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Got any quick and healthy dinner ideas for busy we...

On ‘after school care’ nights, I really struggle to make anything healthy because I’m in a rush. What...

18 Answers

Christmas lunch food

There wont be many of us maybe 10 including kids. What would you cook that is really easy?

1 Answers

Help with 6 year old wetting bed

I would love some suggestions with how to help my son not wet the bed. He has just come out of night nappies...

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Sleep Overs When Your Child Still Wets Their Bed

I have a daughter in primary school and the friends sleep-overs are starting. What do you do if...

17 Answers

What Are Your Rules For Screen Time For Your Kids

Help mums! My kids are starting to get addicted to their iPads. They’re 7 and 9 and are...

20 Answers

How to get over mother's guilt

I accidentally hurt my daughter and feeling so guilty over it that it can’t shake it off. Lucky she was reasonably unharmed but...

11 Answers

My son is heart broken

My son 9, isn’t mine biologically. But I have raised for the past 4.5years. Our home is the only stable one he has...

10 Answers

Sleeping issues for an 8 year old

My daughter is 8. She has trouble going to sleep. Her 5 year old sister has no issues. They share a room. We...

4 Answers

What age is ok for a sleepover at a friends place?

I’m thinking 10 if you know the parents? Is that too young? What age would you recommend for...

29 Answers

My daughter in year 6 soon has her formal. What do...

I don’t want to spend too much as year 6 but casual formal or more it is year...

3 Answers

Good camping places in Vic?

For the non experienced camper!

5 Answers

1st Birthday Gifts

I’d love suggestions for first birthday gifts. I don’t want to spend lots as I have quite a few birthdays and am not...

2 Answers

Play date drama

I have a 7 year old boy and 4 year old girl and I really get along with another mom that has 3...

8 Answers

Should I be worried about my 22 month olds speech?

He only says about 14 words. I’m hoping he just starts talking heaps one day?

10 Answers

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