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Do You Take Your Child Out To Restaurants?

I am not sure what to do … I feel it’s unfair not to be able to take my child out with us...

194 Answers

HELP With New Ear Piercings For Kids

My two daughters (6 and 8 years) recently had their ears pierced. Yes, it was a reputable place and no, it wasn’t a...

13 Answers

Trying to get 17yr old son to work more than one n...

Son works one night a week but he doesn’t have the WANT to work more yet with all...

14 Answers

I’m the evil step mum

I’ve been a step mum now for 7 years, and have been a full time step mum for almost 6. Being a step...

7 Answers

Did your kids teachers appreciate their gifts?

Gave my daughter’s childcare educators beautifully wrapped and presented homemade shortbread. I hardly got a thanks from any...

12 Answers

Boys names starting with L

Does anyone have any good names starting with ‘L’ for boys

35 Answers

Teething Trouble

I have a 3.5 month old who is teething (they are just going up and down with a bit of swelling) Poor thing is...

14 Answers

High school friendships

It’s sad to see that in the 20 years, highschool friendships haven’t changed much. My son’s friendships are strong n his friends are...

8 Answers

Me days/mental health days for kids

Just after I put my son to bed, he came down and said he felt sick. I think he really just wanted a...

12 Answers

Quick dinners for fussy eaters?

I’m all outta ideas!

9 Answers

How do you know if your kids are spoilt?

Do people tell you?

5 Answers

How many Xmas presents?

For your own kids?

5 Answers

Asd kids and Christmas

Anyone have asd kids, needing ideas for Christmas, mr 4, he doesn’t show much interest in things for long

6 Answers

Recommendations Needed For Teen Shoes

Where to buy shoes for a young teen? She’s beyond the little kiddy shoes and yet she’s not quite up to adult shoes....

7 Answers

How Do I Win Against Trash Talking Hubby?

Ok. So my hubby and I are quite playful and love to joke around and play fight and wrestle around sometimes to joke....

7 Answers

Feel like I can't do it all

I’m going through some PND (getting help). I have a 4 y/o and a 3 m/o and I am struggling to find the energy...

10 Answers

Child's sexual preference

I’m so mad at my mum. My son 7, is very feminine, and very much into girly things, like makeup, dresses, dolls and...

7 Answers

How to move from potty to toilet for 2.5 year old

Hi there, I’ve been toilet training my 2.5 year old son this week with the potty. We took...

4 Answers

Mobile phones and high school

When your child started high school, were they given a smart phone and what sort of restrictions were placed on it?

7 Answers

How to deal with “ inappropriate “ comments at...

My son was born prem and as such I think he’s still small for his age. He’s pretty...

16 Answers

How do I get my son to poop in the toilet?

This is a question for any mums with older boys who have successfully gone through toilet training. I have a 3year old who I...

23 Answers

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