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Gift ideas for 14yo who are not into makeup, jewel...

She loves art, (& drawing anime) and we have given watercolour paints & pencils, art sets, proper charcoal...

16 Answers

Tips for getting eye drops in kids eyes

my 16 month old is needing medicated eye drops and it is a FIGHT to get them in! Does anyone have tips to...

12 Answers

Best formula dispenser

What brand is your favourite formula dispenser? Something easy to clean but also compact for the nappy bag. Thanks!

10 Answers

What does your 20 week old weigh?

My 20 week old daughter weighs 5.6kg and sitting on about the 8th percentile. She wasn’t overly small when she was born or...

7 Answers

Christmas presents ideas for 13 y/o boy

Struggling big time for ideas on gifts for my 13 year old son! Would love to know what others are thinking for their...

12 Answers

What age will your child get a mobile phone?

With the increasing need for children to keep up with technology, we are beginning to discuss the inevitable moment our children will get...

26 Answers

Conversation starters for at school pick-up/drop-o...

Other than the weather! Lol

14 Answers

What age did your children start an after school/w...

Our son is 6 and started prep this year. He currently does swimming once a week after school...

4 Answers

What age did your child go from cot to single bed?

Our daughter is two next month and already seems close to being able to scale out of her...

8 Answers

Are you still a SAHM now your children are in scho...

I always assumed I would return to work once my youngest started school. This is still several years...

10 Answers

Night owls – children

Who has a 4 year old that likes to go to sleep late each and every night? What time is the average?

11 Answers

Signs your child is on the spectrum?

I think my niece my be affected.

7 Answers

What time do you go to bed?

I’ve been so tired lately I’m in bed when the kids are like 7:30 / 8 anyone else this tired?

18 Answers

Toddlers ignoring your questions

My 2.5yr old daughter ignores us whenever we ask her a question. Do you have any tips to help get her to answer...

10 Answers

Moving in with the in-laws

Any tips for moving in with the in-laws soon? I’m worried about getting along and my daughter.

27 Answers

Cheating on social media by hearting someone'...

How is it teenagers think putting a love heart on a post is cheating.

17 Answers

When does a child lose their baby chub?

Our son is 3.5 and is short for his age. Recently we’ve noticed that instead of thinning out and getting taller and leaner...

10 Answers

Missing school for holidays and the ramifications

We are wanting to take our son out of prep for several weeks to travel in our caravan....

17 Answers

What can I do with leftover pumpkin soup?

Our family Loves a warm and comforting pumpkin soup during the winter months. The problem is we always end up with heaps of...

16 Answers

What’s best to use on my 14 weeks old sons eczem...

We have tried moogoo, cetaphil and goat soap but nothing is clearing it up. He does swimming for...

9 Answers

Do you allow your toddler to snack through the day...

I allow my toddler snacks as she wants them through out the day providing that she eats her...

12 Answers

How to encourage brushing every day

My son is very hit and miss with brushing his teeth

7 Answers

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