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My husband wants a divorce

Advice needed! Where do I begin! We have a mortgage and 2 boys 5,8. I’ve also been opposed to a broken home. A...

5 Answers

How do you full time mums juggle family life?

I’ve just started working full time from being part time for over 7 months (prior mat leave for 3plus years) how do you...

12 Answers

Money woes

up until recently hubby and I were sharing a bank account and could see what each other was doing, there was an issue...

15 Answers

has anyone calculated COVID-90 savings?

i was wondering if have we saved any money in the last few months compared to last year by staying at home? ...

38 Answers

Who is going to quit work?

In these challenging COVID times, who will quit work to stay home with their children? It seems insane to leave work when others...

11 Answers

Super cheap recipe websites

I am after some good websites for recipes on a very tight budget.

23 Answers

What are the pros and cons of weight loss surgery?

I have two children who are now at the end of primary school. I have been diagnosed with...

19 Answers

When to tell work you’re pregnant? how to apply ...

I am 2-3 weeks pregnant and have a 10 year old son. I’ve had this job since my...

25 Answers

Does anyone want to start studying next year but n...

I want to go back to university next year but am unsure how I will manage to juggle...

16 Answers

Best ways I can make some extra money

When at home with the kids, any ways to make some extra cash?

37 Answers

How Much Money For A Wedding Gift?

I have a good friends wedding coming up and I am wondering how much money I should give them? Are you meant to...

29 Answers

What’s everyone’s go to nappy of choice

For price but also not causing nappy rash

26 Answers

Left out. My stepdaughter is having a baby and I h...

I have been left out in so many ways she always approaches her father for anything she needs...

13 Answers

Bday gift ideas for 40th?


27 Answers

New “side business” ideas for stay at home mum...

Creative flair would be great

26 Answers

How much do you spend on your friends hens night?

If you’re throwing it?

11 Answers

1st Birthday Gifts

I’d love suggestions for first birthday gifts. I don’t want to spend lots as I have quite a few birthdays and am not...

7 Answers

HOw much do you spend on your kids for Xmas?

I’m so confused about this!! Help!

12 Answers

Electricity bill

How muchDo people get slugged for electricity. Got our winter bill $920!!! Looked at used charges and they have gone up ALOT and...

31 Answers

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