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Any working from home suggestions?

I have 2 kids under 2, we live half an hour from the closest town and the childcare there is very limited to...

9 Answers

Are you still a SAHM now your children are in scho...

I always assumed I would return to work once my youngest started school. This is still several years...

11 Answers

Wedding gift value

My husband and I have been invited to a wedding where the couple have asked for a donation to their honeymoon as a...

15 Answers

Greyhound rehoming ?

Thinking about adopting an ex racing greyhound has anyone done this ? Are they a needy pet ? Do they need a lot...

9 Answers

How to pay the mortgage faster?

Really want to get the mortgage down, any help appreciated

13 Answers

Guilt over wanting a nicer ring ?

I can’t help but want a nicer engagement/Wedding ring We got what we could afford at the time which is fine but now...

16 Answers

Best cruise deals?

Where do you find you get the best deals when booking a cruise, which ship is your favourite and why ?

7 Answers

Fixed or Variable?

Trying to decide if we should fix the home loan again….. low rates and not much change happening but does this make...

10 Answers

Are parents expected to pay for weddings still?

should adult children pay for their own wedding

27 Answers

EBay crazy? What bargain have you scored?

Are you an EBay shopper? Addicted to the thrill of an auction ending and bidding at the last second? I am totally EBay...

7 Answers

How do you manage on one income?

To all the stay-at-home mums out there and those on a pension, how do you manage to get by on a single income?...

21 Answers

What’s the best work life balance for you?

Is there such a thing or is it about money

4 Answers

How to find a plastic surgeon for a breast lift?

I am planning to get a breast lift in a year or so, once I am finished breastfeeding...

9 Answers

DIY on a small budget?

Has anyone done a DIY project on your home? Just bought a house with hubby and it needs some renovations on a small budget.

4 Answers

Best way to reduce electricity costs in winter?

I’m looking to lower our electricity and gas bills but keep our house warm in winter.

9 Answers

I Need To Make Money As A Stay-At-Home Mum

We have a plan for me to stay home until both kids are in primary school. Problem is that our youngest isn’t even...

17 Answers

4th baby present for friend?

My friend is about to have her fouth baby (third girl) so she already has everything she needs. She has said that she...

3 Answers

What is the best value energy company?

Is AGL overpriced? Our last bill was horrendous so I’m wondering what energy companies other Mums use.

9 Answers

Good idea for a baptism gift?

Not sure on what to buy or how much to spend?

6 Answers

Have anyone opened bank account for their babies?

We have Westpac for both my kids, but I’m wondering if there’s better ones out there.

8 Answers

School holiday ideas?

As school holidays are coming up, what are some cheap ideas for kids 6 and 8

5 Answers

How do you teach your kids about money?

Finding it hard to teach about money in a tap and go world!

2 Answers

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