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Do you shop at Costco?

I want to start shopping at costco but ive heard you really only save money if you get their petrol. Does anyone who...

17 Answers

Do you use wish?

Been looking at wish and theres a few things that i want to get but a bit worried if its a legit site....

10 Answers

Best money saving tips

I’m needing to cut back to save money. I’m looking for any tips to do with food to help save/cut back our food...

12 Answers

When do you start your Christmas prep?

I need to be more organised this christmas. When do you start buying for Christmas and what do you start off buying?

15 Answers

Are you buying from the big w toy sale?

What are you getting your kids from the big w toy sale for christmas? Theres not a lot that is catching my...

5 Answers

How to become a tutor?

Ive looked and searched the internet but have ben unable to find any answer.

8 Answers

What is planned for the garden in Winter?

Please share your ideas and projects.

7 Answers

Where is a good destination in Australia for a sno...

Looking for accomodation and activities for a family on a budget.

9 Answers

Centrelink debt disappeared but then a sudden rent...

so Centrelink asked me to do a review of my income from 7 years ago so I put...

10 Answers

What do you think of Pandora bracelets?

Are they worth it and and are they good value?

32 Answers

Corporate Clothes

Just wondering where everyone shops for their corporate clothing to wear to work.

10 Answers

Has anyone travelled to Tasmania on the Spirit of ...

Please share your experiences and is it expensive/cost effective?

6 Answers

Do you have a budget for Easter gifts?

How much do you spend at Easter for gifts?

26 Answers

Does anyone have a self managed super fund?

We would like to purchase property as an investment with or super but I’m nervous and just wanted some honest advice about whether...

5 Answers

Do you make or buy Easter cards?

Would love your suggestions for good suppliers and ideas for cards.

26 Answers

How do you budget and stick to it?

Curious what tactics others use to stay on budget. I’m terrible at over spending and can never seem to stick to a...

13 Answers

What do you do when people in your mother's g...

So I am in a mother’s group with 15 mums and bubs where all bubs are born within...

11 Answers

Tips on how to save money!

Any single mums have tips on how to save money? From shopping to putting away money each fortnight. Need help!! Thankyou

13 Answers

Work/Life balance

Hi all, so I returned to work part-time in a new role but at the same company working three days and I’m finding...

9 Answers

Nz terror effects kids

My 7 yr old was listening to the news with me and started asking questions about a 3 yr old bring killed! He...

12 Answers

side hustle

On the barefoot bandwagon, whats your little side hustle? I used to hire out skye from paw patrol costume, and then owlete, didn’t...

15 Answers

online surveys

whats your favourite? im using my view and valued opinions.

10 Answers

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