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Should I be worried about my 22 month olds speech?

He only says about 14 words. I’m hoping he just starts talking heaps one day?

4 Answers

How do you get a baby to eat more when they are te...

I have a fussy one year old who refuses most foods when teething

12 Answers

Are Mothers groups any good?

I’m pregnant with my 2nd bub and I can’t decide whether I should join a mother’s group for no. 2. To be honest,...

33 Answers

13 month old vocabulary

Im not sure if im thinking my baby is smart cause he is or cause he is my baby. Lol. Whats the norm...

10 Answers

Tips for getting eye drops in kids eyes

my 16 month old is needing medicated eye drops and it is a FIGHT to get them in! Does anyone have tips to...

8 Answers

How to keep my baby calm in the car for longer tri...

My 5 month old hates car rides, whether it’s a 2 minute drive or the dreaded 30 minutes....

16 Answers

Best formula dispenser

What brand is your favourite formula dispenser? Something easy to clean but also compact for the nappy bag. Thanks!

8 Answers

What does your 20 week old weigh?

My 20 week old daughter weighs 5.6kg and sitting on about the 8th percentile. She wasn’t overly small when she was born or...

7 Answers

What do you do for me time?

I’m wanting to hear what other mum’s do daily for themselves!

11 Answers

What are your 7 month olds favorite purée food?

I would love to know some food you are giving your bubs

10 Answers

Best baby monitor for 2 children?

We have a video monitor with 2 cameras but can only have on scam mode which you hear background noise all night. Can’t...

4 Answers

What will/do your grandkids call you?

My daughter is having her first baby soon and I can’t decide what I want my first grandchild to call me. I’m not...

29 Answers

Any working from home suggestions?

I have 2 kids under 2, we live half an hour from the closest town and the childcare there is very limited to...

9 Answers

What do I do about my baby vomiting after each bot...

Our then 3 month old baby, was only doing dirty nappies maybe once a week, and was quite...

9 Answers

Want to change from goats milk to nan comfort but ...

Bubs six months old on goats milk and GP said she’s ready to switch

3 Answers

Best treatment for c sect scars?

Any advice welcome!!

7 Answers

7 month old just started sleeping on her side

My daughter has just started sleeping on her side, with half her face covered by the mattress. She wears a sleep bag. She...

3 Answers

How much do you spend on a baby shower?

Not a gift – throwing one for someone?

11 Answers

Did you feel 'lost' when you became a Mu...

I’m feeling like I’ve lost myself. I feel disconnected from my friends and feel like I am useless...

10 Answers

my 9month old is constipated what helps?

what helps her to poo?

13 Answers

Being a stepmother with baby coming.

My stepdaughter is expecting her first child soon and this will be my husbands first biological grandchild. There is no partner on the...

5 Answers

Toddlers ignoring your questions

My 2.5yr old daughter ignores us whenever we ask her a question. Do you have any tips to help get her to answer...

8 Answers

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