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Do You Take Your Child Out To Restaurants?

I am not sure what to do … I feel it’s unfair not to be able to take my child out with us...

185 Answers

Has Anyone experienced teething fits?

My son is now 12 month but since 6 months has experienced fits before a tooth comes down

7 Answers

Feeding a 10 month old dinner. Any tips on getting...

Help getting bub to eat dinner

11 Answers

What baby massage oil do you recommend for baby ma...

My bub is 14 weeks old and Im looking to do baby massage but I’m unsure of the...

10 Answers

Has anyone had a Mastopexy?

After breastfeeding 5 children & having a G cup chest unfortunately my breasts have changed significantly & are sagging very badly with nothing...

3 Answers

What can I expect?

I just turned 28 years old and have a 8 yr old daughter, 6 year old daughter, and a 4 year old son....

8 Answers

Anyone else experiencing postpartum hair loss?

After both my babies I experienced postpartum hair loss, my daughter is now 11months and I still feel...

10 Answers

Tips to stop breast feeding

I need help to stop breast feeding

2 Answers

When to tell work you’re pregnant? how to apply ...

I am 2-3 weeks pregnant and have a 10 year old son. I’ve had this job since my...

21 Answers

Was anyone pregnant whilst breastfeeding?

We are looking to try for another child. Our youngest is under 1 and still breastfeeds often. Was anyone here pregnant and breastfeeding?...

10 Answers

How much food should an 11 month old eat?

My daughter is breastfed and on solids. I am wanting to know how much other 11 month olds eat when it comes to...

8 Answers

I need ideas on activities/groups for my 10 month ...

Running out of ideas. Also, how do we join a pre existing play group, as ours has finished...

11 Answers

Boys names starting with L

Does anyone have any good names starting with ‘L’ for boys

35 Answers

Teething Trouble

I have a 3.5 month old who is teething (they are just going up and down with a bit of swelling) Poor thing is...

14 Answers

How to to approach someone with baby blues

Not sure they realise they have it

7 Answers

Who will you miss this Christmas?

Today I cried because I realised that this will be the fourth Christmas since my first born had passed away before taking his...

17 Answers

Pregnancy vs birth experience

Curious to know everyone’s pregnancy vs birth experience. For example, I had an easy pregnancy with my first and a complicated birth. This...

14 Answers

False negative pregnancy test

Has anyone experienced a negative home pregnancy test but was actually pregnant at the time?

8 Answers

Best home pregnancy test brand

Or any ‘don’t use brand. Any good reviews of the coles brand?

11 Answers

Foods to avoid with gestational diabetes

Been recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes and struggling to find consistent info on what foods to avoid (besides the obvious like candy). For example,...

8 Answers

Falling pregnant with amenorrhea

Log shot but has anyone been successful falling pregnant without having a period (amenorrhea)

4 Answers

What do you do with your kids old toys/ clothes?

Give them to charity?

20 Answers

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