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Pregnant again, what to do?

Just found out that I am pregnant with my 3rd and I am quietly freaking out. This pregnancy wasn’t quite planned so I’m...

5 Answers

Feeding – 7 month old – Wheetbix

I’ve started feeding my 7 month old half a wheetbix in the mornings. I had a little bit of hot water and the...

5 Answers

Refusing milk, eating solids. What to do?

My daughter is 10 months old and has just started refusing a bottle. She usually has 3 a day between 180-240ml each, but...

7 Answers

Chicken Pox

So I’m not sure about this… I thought that chicken pox was all but eradicated with the vaccines we give our children… is...

11 Answers

Doppler Recommendations and Reviews Please?

Hello wonderful MoM community!! I was just looking for some advice on dopplers please, their accuracy, ease of use and if there are any...

3 Answers

More babies

My husband and i have 6 kids. And we both feel we are not finished. However my nan would be heartbroken if i...

24 Answers

how do I get my two year old of his dummy??

He asks for his comforter and dummy every time. But understands he is only aloud to have it during rest time. But will not...

10 Answers

Who else is thinking one child is enough?

I am dead set on having 1 child. People think I’ll change my mind later on. What are your thoughts?

42 Answers

What is the best vaporiser or humidifier?

Why son seems to get a cold all the time ????

12 Answers

How do I work out what my baby wants?

How do I know if he is crying for food, sleep or a cuddle?

22 Answers

Implantation bleeding or early period?

My cycle started on Jan 15. It lasted 5 days. On Jan 25 I had unprotected sex. My next cycle was not supposed...

6 Answers

What’s the best breastfeeding safe vegan protein...

I’m currently breastfeeding my 4month old baby and no chances of stopping any time soon, but I’m looking...

9 Answers

'Music' Name Ideas For A Baby Girl?

I am a first time mum. I haven’t thought of a name for my incoming baby girl this Feb. Can you help me...

29 Answers

Do You Take Your Child Out To Restaurants?

I am not sure what to do … I feel it’s unfair not to be able to take my child out with us...

214 Answers

Has Anyone experienced teething fits?

My son is now 12 month but since 6 months has experienced fits before a tooth comes down

13 Answers

Feeding a 10 month old dinner. Any tips on getting...

Help getting bub to eat dinner

22 Answers

What baby massage oil do you recommend for baby ma...

My bub is 14 weeks old and Im looking to do baby massage but I’m unsure of the...

16 Answers

Has anyone had a Mastopexy?

After breastfeeding 5 children & having a G cup chest unfortunately my breasts have changed significantly & are sagging very badly with nothing...

6 Answers

What can I expect?

I just turned 28 years old and have a 8 yr old daughter, 6 year old daughter, and a 4 year old son....

12 Answers

Anyone else experiencing postpartum hair loss?

After both my babies I experienced postpartum hair loss, my daughter is now 11months and I still feel...

17 Answers

Tips to stop breast feeding

I need help to stop breast feeding

7 Answers

When to tell work you’re pregnant? how to apply ...

I am 2-3 weeks pregnant and have a 10 year old son. I’ve had this job since my...

25 Answers

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