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False negative pregnancy test

Has anyone experienced a negative home pregnancy test but was actually pregnant at the time?

10 Answers

Best home pregnancy test brand

Or any ‘don’t use brand. Any good reviews of the coles brand?

13 Answers

Foods to avoid with gestational diabetes

Been recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes and struggling to find consistent info on what foods to avoid (besides the obvious like candy). For example,...

10 Answers

Falling pregnant with amenorrhea

Log shot but has anyone been successful falling pregnant without having a period (amenorrhea)

4 Answers

What do you do with your kids old toys/ clothes?

Give them to charity?

21 Answers

what happens when u stop smoking at 14 weeks pregn...

cigarettes and first trimester pregnancy

10 Answers

How Do I Win Against Trash Talking Hubby?

Ok. So my hubby and I are quite playful and love to joke around and play fight and wrestle around sometimes to joke....

11 Answers

Feel like I can't do it all

I’m going through some PND (getting help). I have a 4 y/o and a 3 m/o and I am struggling to find the energy...

11 Answers

My Baby boy has turned 5 months old and suddenly w...

Baby boy has suddenly started waking up frequently at night (when normally he sleeps easily from 8pm –...

5 Answers

How do you clean those la maze pram toys?

I got one as a hand me down but I’m not sure where it’s been as the person who gave it to me...

13 Answers

Any natural remedies for croup?

Aside from vapours?

5 Answers

What’s everyone’s go to nappy of choice

For price but also not causing nappy rash

24 Answers

When did your child with ASD learn to talk?

Looking into my son possibly being on the spectrum. He has just turned 2. Peadiatrician is unsure whether just speech delay or ASD....

7 Answers

How to move from potty to toilet for 2.5 year old

Hi there, I’ve been toilet training my 2.5 year old son this week with the potty. We took...

6 Answers

What was everyone’s first pregnancy symptom

What was everyone’s first pregnancy symptom and how far a long were you?

24 Answers

How do you decide on number of kids to have?

My husband wants a 3rd child, I’m happy with our 2. Who gets the winning vote without making the other unhappy?

25 Answers

whats the quickest way to conceive?

had the iud out 3 months ago, trying when ovulating, not working. any ideas?

17 Answers

Left out. My stepdaughter is having a baby and I h...

I have been left out in so many ways she always approaches her father for anything she needs...

13 Answers

Pregnancy termination

Is There any bulk billing gps in the hunter valley area that offer medical termination. I’ve exhausted almost every other option now desperate....

20 Answers

Who has "bad" veins for blood tests?

I am notorious for having really bad veins for getting blood tests. Even if I drink heaps of...

33 Answers

Egg freezing best before 35 – I’m turning 33 a...

I feel like I should tell my partner I’m looking into it, I don’t want to put pressure...

21 Answers

How do you do the titty wean?

I am a mother with 5 kids 4 were formula fed my final baby I successfully breastfeed but now at a year old...

8 Answers

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