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Chicken Pox

So I’m not sure about this… I thought that chicken pox was all but eradicated with the vaccines we give our children… is...

9 Answers

Ideas for keep a toddler busy and active at home

Does anyone have ideas to keep their little ones engaged, learning and active while we are at...

7 Answers

how do I get my two year old of his dummy??

He asks for his comforter and dummy every time. But understands he is only aloud to have it during rest time. But will not...

9 Answers

How to get my four year old to poo in toilet

How can I get my four year old to poo in the toilet and not his jocks?? And when I put his sleep...

3 Answers

Super cheap recipe websites

I am after some good websites for recipes on a very tight budget.

11 Answers

How do I get my 3 year old to give up the dummy?

Hi I need help or advice. I have a 3.5 year old have tried everything I can think of...

4 Answers

Has anyone done speech therapy for stutter and got...

My 4 year old stutters. He was diagnosed 8/10 later last year with 10 being worst. So it...

5 Answers

How to stop thumbsucking

My daughter has sucked her thumb since birth. she has recently turned 4, nowadays she just sucks her thumb at night.(rarely during the...

4 Answers

Tips for cruising with toddler?

We are going on a 4 day cruise, first cruise and first time holiday with our daughter. Shes 2 and a half. I...

8 Answers

What is the best vaporiser or humidifier?

Why son seems to get a cold all the time ????

11 Answers

Any groups for mummy’s with a child that has gen...

My four year old has a rare genetic disorder that only 150 have been diagnosed with in.

6 Answers

Implantation bleeding or early period?

My cycle started on Jan 15. It lasted 5 days. On Jan 25 I had unprotected sex. My next cycle was not supposed...

5 Answers

Would you sue daycare for an injury?

Hi there, My toddler recently hurt herself really badly at daycare, hitting her head and split it open as she ran into a sharp...

7 Answers

When did your BOYS start talking?

My son is 2 years and 2 months and only saying about 50 single words/phrases – not all of them clearly. (Seeing pediatrician/about to...

10 Answers

Any advice for toilet training?

My 3 year old is scared of the toilet?!

7 Answers

What’s your go to apps and activities for a long...

We are out numbered on our flight to the UK (older two have been numerous times) this time...

11 Answers

Does anyone else have trouble with their memory?

I seem to be having issues with my memory – most commonly around words. Words that I know...

23 Answers

My toddler won’t poo!

I’m currently in week 3 of potty training my 2 year old daughter. We’ve had booming success with doing a wee on the...

1 Answers

When does drinking become a problem?

This morning I left the house to run an errand leaving 3 of my young kids (all under 5) with my husband. For...

20 Answers

Help with attached 2 y.o starting childcare

My just turned 2 y.o is about to start childcare. He had 1 orientation for 1 hour and was ok until I left...

11 Answers

Feeding a 10 month old dinner. Any tips on getting...

Help getting bub to eat dinner

21 Answers

Transitioning to a big boy bed

Want to transition my son to a big boy bed (King single) this week. He just turned 2 but he can get out...

11 Answers

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