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When does drinking become a problem?

This morning I left the house to run an errand leaving 3 of my young kids (all under 5) with my husband. For...

17 Answers

Help with attached 2 y.o starting childcare

My just turned 2 y.o is about to start childcare. He had 1 orientation for 1 hour and was ok until I left...

7 Answers

Feeding a 10 month old dinner. Any tips on getting...

Help getting bub to eat dinner

12 Answers

Transitioning to a big boy bed

Want to transition my son to a big boy bed (King single) this week. He just turned 2 but he can get out...

8 Answers

3 yr Olds birthday

What can I do for a 3 yr Olds birthday who doesn’t really have many friends to invite to a party? Maybe 2-3...

7 Answers

How do you gently wean an older child?

Looking for tips to wean a four year old off the breast. He only feeds occasionally in the morning and at night, but...

6 Answers

Toileting woes

How do you encourage a soon to be kindergartener to wipe his own backside? His teacher tells me he does it a preschool...

4 Answers

How do I get my two year old to eat veggies.

When I put vegetables on his plate he will throw them off but won’t even try them

6 Answers

Tips to stop breast feeding

I need help to stop breast feeding

2 Answers

Was anyone pregnant whilst breastfeeding?

We are looking to try for another child. Our youngest is under 1 and still breastfeeds often. Was anyone here pregnant and breastfeeding?...

10 Answers

Last minute Xmas gift for 6yo boy who is visiting ...

Stuck in work now until 8pm and only have tonight to shop as they will be at my...

13 Answers

How much food should an 11 month old eat?

My daughter is breastfed and on solids. I am wanting to know how much other 11 month olds eat when it comes to...

8 Answers

I need ideas on activities/groups for my 10 month ...

Running out of ideas. Also, how do we join a pre existing play group, as ours has finished...

11 Answers

Did your kids teachers appreciate their gifts?

Gave my daughter’s childcare educators beautifully wrapped and presented homemade shortbread. I hardly got a thanks from any...

12 Answers

Boys names starting with L

Does anyone have any good names starting with ‘L’ for boys

35 Answers

Who has the skip hop cry activated unicorn soother...

Can you tell me when your sound starts once activated with babies cry? My baby will cry and...

3 Answers

Anyone have the skiphop moonlight & Melodies sleep...

Unless I’ve misunderstood how it properly works can someone please tell me how yours works? I thought being...

2 Answers

Quick dinners for fussy eaters?

I’m all outta ideas!

9 Answers

How do you know if your kids are spoilt?

Do people tell you?

5 Answers

How many Xmas presents?

For your own kids?

5 Answers

Asd kids and Christmas

Anyone have asd kids, needing ideas for Christmas, mr 4, he doesn’t show much interest in things for long

6 Answers

Feel like I can't do it all

I’m going through some PND (getting help). I have a 4 y/o and a 3 m/o and I am struggling to find the energy...

10 Answers

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