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Did your kids teachers appreciate their gifts?

Gave my daughter’s childcare educators beautifully wrapped and presented homemade shortbread. I hardly got a thanks from any...

13 Answers

Boys names starting with L

Does anyone have any good names starting with ‘L’ for boys

38 Answers

Who has the skip hop cry activated unicorn soother...

Can you tell me when your sound starts once activated with babies cry? My baby will cry and...

4 Answers

Anyone have the skiphop moonlight & Melodies sleep...

Unless I’ve misunderstood how it properly works can someone please tell me how yours works? I thought being...

3 Answers

Quick dinners for fussy eaters?

I’m all outta ideas!

12 Answers

How do you know if your kids are spoilt?

Do people tell you?

6 Answers

How many Xmas presents?

For your own kids?

6 Answers

Asd kids and Christmas

Anyone have asd kids, needing ideas for Christmas, mr 4, he doesn’t show much interest in things for long

7 Answers

Feel like I can't do it all

I’m going through some PND (getting help). I have a 4 y/o and a 3 m/o and I am struggling to find the energy...

10 Answers

My Baby boy has turned 5 months old and suddenly w...

Baby boy has suddenly started waking up frequently at night (when normally he sleeps easily from 8pm –...

4 Answers

When did your child with ASD learn to talk?

Looking into my son possibly being on the spectrum. He has just turned 2. Peadiatrician is unsure whether just speech delay or ASD....

6 Answers

How to move from potty to toilet for 2.5 year old

Hi there, I’ve been toilet training my 2.5 year old son this week with the potty. We took...

5 Answers

What to buy kids for Christmas???

Help… running out of ideas for present!!

13 Answers

How do you do the titty wean?

I am a mother with 5 kids 4 were formula fed my final baby I successfully breastfeed but now at a year old...

8 Answers

New “side business” ideas for stay at home mum...

Creative flair would be great

25 Answers

How do I get my son to poop in the toilet?

This is a question for any mums with older boys who have successfully gone through toilet training. I have a 3year old who I...

23 Answers

When will kids eat a proper salad?

I’m forever cutting up carrot and cucumber sticks! What age were your kids when they started eating proper salads rather than just separate...

15 Answers

How do you get your kids to try new flavours?

My kids are really reluctant to try new foods and flavours. It drives me a bit crazy. Any Mums got any tips for...

21 Answers

How to win over your toddler

My toddler is going through a daddy phase and it driving me nuts how do I win him over?

14 Answers

Christmas lunch food

There wont be many of us maybe 10 including kids. What would you cook that is really easy?

10 Answers

How to get over mother's guilt

I accidentally hurt my daughter and feeling so guilty over it that it can’t shake it off. Lucky she was reasonably unharmed but...

13 Answers

Things to do with a 3yr old?

Trying to avoid screen time completely

11 Answers

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