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Hotel quarantine with two little children

Looks like i will need to spend 2 weeks in hotel with 2 and 4 yo. Did anyone go thru it in Sydney...

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Camping out

Checklist for camping out with little ones obviously tent, sleeping bags and snacks and torches. It’s only 1 night

6 Answers

How can I encourage my baby to sit for long period...

He will sit for about half an hour before he starts crying. As a result I often baby...

1 Answers

When does it become easy to get out of the house w...

I have a 2yr old and a 6wk old

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Tips for caravanning with kids and dogs please.

Our dogs are beagles so need to be contained or on lead because they wander if they pick...

1 Answers

will you do things differently now that some restr...

Looking forward to kids back to school and visiting my parents

28 Answers

has anyone calculated COVID-90 savings?

i was wondering if have we saved any money in the last few months compared to last year by staying at home? ...

39 Answers

How is everyone coping with the lockdowns and soci...

Have any major plans had to change?

21 Answers

Are you still going on holiday?

With all this corona panic going on, I’m keen to find out whether you are still travelling domestically? I’m keen on getting away...

34 Answers

Tips for cruising with toddler?

We are going on a 4 day cruise, first cruise and first time holiday with our daughter. Shes 2 and a half. I...

13 Answers

What’s your go to apps and activities for a long...

We are out numbered on our flight to the UK (older two have been numerous times) this time...

13 Answers

After recommendations for places to stay in Fiji w...

I’m looking at a family holiday to Fiji and after recommendations for where to stay. We have...

8 Answers

Things to do in Sydney without kids?

Going to Sydney in a couple of weeks with hubby – no kids. Will be there all of Saturday and Sunday. Any recommendations...

10 Answers

I need help with work bad santa

hey ladies, my work does “bad santa” instead of kk. the theme this year is “things you bring to a party” and the...

24 Answers

What do you serve for an ‘easy’ dinner?...

We’ve got friends coming over for a very low key dinner. We said we’d keep it casual. What...

72 Answers

Favourite meat for BBQ?

What’s your favourite meat to cook on the BBQ? This Summer, I’m thinking I’ll get hubby to cook dinner outside (less cleaning up...

35 Answers

Help for Onion Eyes!

Help please! I LOVE onion in my salads but I cry my eyes out every time I cut them up. Has anyone got...

33 Answers

What’s your go to salad?

Anyone got a really quick and easy salad that’s a crowd pleaser at BBQs and get togethers?

31 Answers

Nice hotel in Sydney near Opera house – not too ...

Reasonably priced and hopefully nice hotel

10 Answers

Fav. Holiday destinations?

Within Australia

30 Answers

Good camping places in Vic?

For the non experienced camper!

10 Answers

Best place to stay in Melbourne?

That’s not too pricey?

7 Answers

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