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Does anybody own a 2021 Kia Carnival?

Are you happy? What fuel consumption do you get? Does it still fit prams and shopping etc?

4 Answers

Gift ideas for husband’s 40th, step-daughter’s...

So my husband shares his birthday with his first born daughter and our daughter together, which also happens...

7 Answers

Where In Tasmania

We are going to Tasmania can anyone reccomend any good places to go we are staying in Hobart for 2 weeks at end...

12 Answers

Best Suburbs for Families In Adelaide?

One of our members is looking to move to Adelaide and would like advice on the Best Suburbs for Families In Adelaide.

5 Answers

What would you do?

Hi Mums, I recently found out that my 8 year old dds dad is wanting to take her to QLD these school holidays (we...

14 Answers

Toyota kluger or nissan xtrail

Hi I m looking at buying a new family car! Has anyone got a Toyota kluger or a Nissan xtrail? Would you recommend...

8 Answers

What are your family Easter and holiday traditions...

I’m trying to start my own traditions with my family, and I am struggling to think of what...

10 Answers

Dine & Discover NSW Vouchers

Has anyone used there Dine & Discover NSW Vouchers as yet just curious actually how many places will actually say yes to...

33 Answers

Booster seat recommendations?

My 6 year old is in a Britax booster seat currently. When we go for a long drive, she often falls asleep, she...

12 Answers

Your opinion of Nick Kyrgios?

What do you think of Nick Kyrgios.l have many divided opinions.

25 Answers

Favourite prizes

I want to know what everyone’s favourite prize is that they have won?

31 Answers

Travel to QLD

What are your must see and do things. We are thinking about heading there next year

16 Answers

Anyone attending Bluey concert in 2021?

I have purchased tickets for the bluey concert but it was deferred till 2021 and it’s a surprise for my 3 year old...

12 Answers

What are your top 3 favourite movies that you woul...

We watch a lot of movies especially during Covid so I’m always looking for new ones to try...

21 Answers

Netflix recommendations

Would love some new recommendations for my husband and I to binge watch. We like most things except horror.

21 Answers

Is it disrespectful to run around a cemetry ?

This year the local orienteering club has a new location mapped which happens to be a cemetery. They are launching the map on...

29 Answers

What DVDs and series do you recommend?

I am looking for suggestions for DVDs and series and value the opinions of this community.

12 Answers

Am I Being Racist?

Whenever my in-laws visit they speak to their son (my hubby) in their native language even though they all speak fluent English. Not...

21 Answers

What are your family favorite board games?

Santa always gives us a few board games each year. What are your favorites? We have an 8 and 6 year old who...

42 Answers

Hotel quarantine with two little children

Looks like i will need to spend 2 weeks in hotel with 2 and 4 yo. Did anyone go thru it in Sydney...

8 Answers

Camping out

Checklist for camping out with little ones obviously tent, sleeping bags and snacks and torches. It’s only 1 night

16 Answers

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