WIN 1 of 100 Miracle Lips™: Wax-Free Salve with Propolis & Tea Tree Oil  Valued at $21.95

Miracle Lips™ is an all-natural, scientifically formulated wax-free corrective treatment to protect and restore chapped, dry & cracked lips.

The patented formula is made with only organic and natural ingredients, including: Shea Butter Extract, Aloe Vera, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin D3, Tea Tree Oil and Bee Propolis.

The wax-free salve (ointment) first acts as a scrub to exfoliate dry, damaged skin on and around the lips before melting into a soothing, creamy butter in seconds to moisturise, hydrate and protect.

What makes Miracle Lips™ different?

Unlike many lip products, Miracle Lips™ does not contain petrolatum wax (petroleum jelly) or bee’s wax.

Wax can create a barrier that dries the skin, prevents ingredient penetration and affects the natural lip exfoliation process. Wax seals in bacteria that can cause infection and suffocates skin cells causing chapped lips.

The patented all-natural formula also contains maximum strength Australian Tea Tree Oil & Brazilian Bee Propolis. These two ingredients are widely known for their anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties:

Propolis – A resinous mixture from tree buds, tree sap and other botanical sources collected by honey bees to protect their hive from infection

Tea Tree Oil – Has been used for healing for thousands of years cleansing the body of bacterial, viral and fungal infection

Learn more about Miracle Lips™.

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  49. A. Uren - VIC
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  52. J. NEALE - SA
  53. C. Cameron - SA
  54. K. Caldwell - VIC
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  71. H. Bannister - TAS
  72. R. Haddrill - NSW
  73. C. Ritchie - VIC
  74. M. Cook - QLD
  75. A. Allen - VIC
  76. W. Hellen - VIC
  77. D. Geeves - QLD
  78. C. Arthur - VIC
  79. J. Pointing - QLD
  80. A. Wedding - VIC
  81. P. Toovey - TAS
  82. A. Shaw - SA
  83. M. Chafer - NSW
  84. R. De Bari - WA
  85. C. Evans - QLD
  86. N. Cooney - NSW
  87. V. Bechara - VIC
  88. T. Tarrant - NSW
  89. K. Kelly - QLD
  90. E. Madden - VIC
  91. R. Godwin - ACT
  92. K. Evans - QLD
  93. H. Martin - VIC
  94. M. Budge - QLD
  95. A. Huckel - NSW
  96. J. M - VIC
  97. S. Seiler - WA
  98. A. Tavendale - SA
  99. F. Hannam - VIC
  100. R. Suzanne - VIC

  • No harsh chemicals is always a bonus. Natural products have to be first choice every time. No matter what the companies say who can really say that the use of chemicals will have no adverse effects on our bodies in years to come. Also everyone reactions are not the same.

  • Natural reduces are a win for all – natural is good for the user, the planet and makes you feel wonderful. Best decision I’ve ever made.

  • We are surrounded by nasties everyday and the chance to use natural health products is a winner in my eyes

  • Natural products, not harming the environment,
    Cause at the moment, this world is making a big dent.
    But while helping the world, it’s also good for me,
    Aleo Vera, Vitamin E…..
    Ensuring that as I age,
    I turn over a healthy page.

  • It just seems we are being surrounded more and more by toxins in our everyday lives so it’s always nice to use a product that is natural.

  • Being natural wonders of the EARTH ourselves… it only makes sense to grace or bodies with the goodness of nature. We weren’t designed to tolerate harsh chemicals and toxins.

  • eco friendly and sustainable
    natural products are better for our planet too.

  • I love knowing that theyre safe for my family no harmful toxics or chemicals, I always try and look after my family, and id hate to know that me trying to look after them could be killing them.

  • no chemicals.. less chance of a reaction. smell so good.

  • It just makes sense! Chemicals are nasty and only deteriorate our bodies earlier then normal, I want to live my best and longest happy life #SayNOtochemicals

  • They leave my skin feeling lighter and better. Great for the environment, great for my family, great for me.

  • natural products are always natural and there wont be any side effects

  • They are the best. Not only for your well-being but for the environment too. That’s why I love using natural health products

  • Natural health products help me keep in touch with Mother Nature, with so much fake in the world, these products are a breath of fresh air!!

  • Natural health products help my body and my children’s bodies feel happy, healthy and toxin free all day and everyday!!

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