I know a lot of mums that have low energy pretty regularly.

And it’s no wonder why. When you think of all the things you do in your day, and sometimes with very little sleep, it’s incredible that you keep moving at all.

I know exactly how you feel, and I’ve also got an easy solution.

The best way to have more energy

Believe it or not, the best thing to get more energy is to get outside and get moving.

Going for a walk is one of the best ways I know to raise your energy levels. Now I’m not talking about a power walk (unless you want to), but a nice leisurely paced walk.

For busy mums with babies and toddlers that can be quite an effort, but here are some ideas to help you. These are all things I did for years with my kids.

Firstly put your bub in a pram and just get walking. Go around the block, or find a path through a local park. Most babies like the rocking motion of being in a pram and usually fall asleep.

Even if they don’t fall asleep, there is an ever changing background for them to look at and keep them happy!

If you have a toddler, then maybe they could ride a little bike or scooter while you walk.

My kids always loved riding their bikes and scooters alongside me, from when they were little until they were teenagers and would go ahead on their own (when I was too slow for them!). Where I live I often see mums out with prams, strollers, bikes, scooters and even walking with the dog as well. 

Give your mood a boost

Being outside in the fresh air and sunshine will also make you feel so much better.

We all need a certain amount of Vitamin D and if you or your family have had any coughs and colds, then breathing in that fresh air is a great way to blow away all those nasty germs.

Sometimes new mums and stay-at-home parents struggle to adjust to ‘home life’, and can get a bit depressed staying at home and not interacting with other adults as often as they used to.

Getting outside and moving can have the amazing benefit of helping to boost your mood and motivation levels. If this is something you struggle with, then get outdoors and watch your mood start to rise.

Finding time to walk

If you struggle to fit the time in, here are some ideas to fit a bit of walking into your day:

  • Walk your kids to and from school
  • Instead of coffee, go for a walk with friends or other mums with young children (energy from exercise is way more beneficial than the boost – and crash – from caffeine)
  • When dad gets home, go for a fifteen minute walk with your whole family and catch up on the day

As I mentioned, there is always a lot to look at and this can be a great time to chat with your toddler and young children.  They’ll get to explore and ask lots of questions about the world around them, or maybe even chat about their day at school.

Walking is a much better way to interact with your children than watching a DVD or playing on an iPad (or something similar).

Also, getting outdoors will help to use up some of that boundless energy kids seem to have, and you’ll likely see them having better sleep as a result.

It’s time to start!

Even though my children have all grown and I’m now a very proud grandmother, I still go out walking to boost my energy levels. And now one of my favourite things to do is take my grandson for a walk through the park in his pram.

If you’re ready to give it a go, aim for at least ten minutes a day.

You’ll get the most benefit if you can aim for closer to 30 minutes, but no matter what you can fit in, you’ll really start to feel the benefits.

Give it a go, I know you and your family will feel better. Most importantly, you’ll start to have loads more energy to get through your day!

So now it’s your turn – tell me, what are you going to try? Where are you going to fit in your 15-30 minutes, and will you commit to getting a small walk in most days?

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  • I always try and walk the long way home from school drop off and pick up

    • That’s great Pakeko! What a great way to involve your kids too. Thanks for sharing :)


  • I love going for a walk.


  • I will be trying this :)


  • I’m going to make a real effort this week to do this. With my first child I walked with the pram all the time but now I have a toddler AND the pram I find it much more of a challenge (read….impossible…..). It’s hard finding a safe place way from roads that’s paved near where I live. I going to try this week though, I promise…

    • Thanks for sharing :) It can definitely be a challenge, especially if your toddler loves to run around or wander off a bit, but it’s worth it if you can stick to it and get a good habit going. Good luck – let us know how you go!

      • If you have a disobedient school age child that can run off even quicker than a toddler does, that climbs up on playground equipment that it isn’t safe to let the toddler follow, and what’s more laughs about it + plus knows you don’t have the physical ability to catch her quickly, sometimes I think I am punishing myself walking during school holidays. Pit you are not allowed to restrain kids for safety sometimes.


  • Energy is the thing I find hardest, I don’t seem to have any when I have time to exercise.

    • I know how you feel, sometimes the last thing I want to do when I’m tired is get up and exercise, but that’s the hardest part – once I’ve made the choice and start that’s when my body finds more energy and starts to wake up. If you really do struggle with exercising, why not try just adding in a small walk or a bit of activity into things you’re already doing? Exercise doesn’t have to be a 30+ minute workout, you should be able to feel the benefits even if you just getting moving for an extra ten minutes a day. Good luck!


  • Walking to and from kindy and school is for us and i do walk to a from the shops with and without the kids too for a small or big shop.

    • That’s great Kate, thanks for sharing! What a great role model you’re being for your kids – keep up the great work!


  • simple and inexpensive idea!

    • Thanks for your thoughts! It’s amazing how sometimes the best and simplest ideas are free – just going for a walk can make a huge difference in your day, who would have thought!


  • great. My Canvas Prints


  • I always find my best way of getting more energy is to use more energy. Get a mini trampoline & just bounce for 30 mins. Or go for a quick 30min run. 30mins is all you need to get you back into that energy boost. When I go for a run I am usually so lacking in energy, by the time I get home 30 mins later I am so pumped that my husband can’t handle me.


  • I do a 45 min walk weekly with friends but as the weather gets better I aim to do more, even if it is on my own.
    I love the way I feel after a walk.

    • Walking is a great way to catch up with friends, I love doing this too. Keep up the great work :)


  • We walk to and from school each day.


  • Great article and tips and points. We don’t have to be a super athlete, just a simple walk around the block every day is better than not walking at all. :-)

    • Thanks Cherz, I appreciate your feedback! And you’re so right – doing something is always better than doing nothing. It’s amazing how the small things can add up over the long term if you’re consistent, too. Thanks again for your comment :)


  • Now the weather is improved, I’ll start with 3x 15 minute walks with the dog a week. Small steps…

    • Small steps over the long term can have amazing results, consistency is the key. Good job Rovermum! I’m sure your dog will enjoy it too :)


  • I’ll take the advice and try

    • Awesome Aliceou, making the decision is the biggest step! Let me know how you go.


  • I found when my kids were younger and even when they were at High School that going for a walk in the evenings was the time that they would talk to me and I would hear stories of what happened at school that day and what their friends were up to, etc. Stories I wouldnt have heard at all if not for our nightly walks.

    • Meedee thanks for your comment! It’s amazing what a walk can do for conversation, whether with kids or your partner.


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