I have tried and tried over past 5 years to stop smoking. I’ve used the patches and tablets both caused a reaction. It’s affecting my health now but it’s such a hard habit to break after nearly 26 years. I need to hear other ideas on how you have succeeded in throwing away a bad habit. Thanks

Posted by mom57176, 13th June 2014

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  • I know how hard it is to give up, non smokers and social smokers don’t really get it. I tried a few times cold turkey and with patches and failed. Did the tablets and never thought they would work but they did. I gave up for 5 years. I recently took it back up for a few months, went back on the champix and gave up again. I did however get very depressed about the 4th week on them and stopped taking them. I have not taken the smokes back up. The message is keep trying (stay away from the drink) and one day something will work for you.

  • I gave up with hypnotherapy – 2 sessions. I was ready as it sounds you are and was worried about my health. Find a good hypno therapist and do it, highly recommend

  • Hi! My husband and I gave up smoking 10 and a half years ago after being very heavy smokers. I had also tried nicorette gum and nicotine patches beforehand without any luck. But as the tv ads say every time you try quitting you are one step closer to being successful so don’t be down on yourself give yourself a pat on the back for trying to improve your health. In the successful go we both just quit cold turkey after reading that the nicotine quickly leaves your system completely that way-decreasing heaps even after just 2 days. So the addictive side passes quickly. You just have to make a date and promise never to take another one! Try and make it a memorable date to so you can remember it and look back on it telling yourself how long it’s been! I would however find a herbal tea that you like (as opposed to tea or coffee with milk and therefore extra kilojoules in it) as you will want something in your mouth when you want a ciggarette-half of it is just replacing the habit/need for a ritual. Other good options are carrot sticks or cherry tomatoes or apple wedges. Good Luck, you can do it!

  • thankyou for some ideas I booked a holiday today so my mission is to put $25 into my bank account everyday instead of buying smokesand i wll try the e-cigs as well

  • I have tried all tablets including champion and zyban they sent me loopier lol patches don’t work either. I’m seriously thinking of trying hypnotherapy next thankyou for your ideas will try them and a friend who gave up last year suggested sucking on a orange before I light up apparently it make the cig taste bad so I’m trying that over the week as well.

  • I was a smoker for many years and you have to want to give up. I made up my mind to stop and threw smokes and lighters away and stopped like that. I thought it was going to be too hard but was easier than I thought. I just had to focas on excercise and doing things with my hands. Chewies and lots of water.

  • Quitting smoking is so hard to do I have tried many times and many methods but keep failing ,I think it is all just about will power some people have it others like me do not,plus stress is a trigger ,I have found though now when I leave the house I deliberatelyleave my cigarettes at home so I can’t have 1 because it is not there…it has been working great and i now only have a few a day,the morning one is the hardest to quit …goodluck and hang in there :)

  • Its so hard I gave up smoking for 7 years and still went back and started again after an upsetting life problem and im still smoking 8 yrs on I keep thinking ill give up again soon and I will but yiu have to be in the right mind frame and want to kick the bad habit or you cant do it. some days I have 15 cigs other days on 3-5 depends in my day or if anything is upsetting me.

  • As you read this keep in mind I have never smoked but just about everybody else I am surrounded with has. My sister once said, you only need the right fright to give it up, and I have witnessed this several times. My other sister tried patches, chewing gum, hypnosis several times and finally decided if she wanted to give it up she just had to give it up and 6 years later she is still smoke free. She says on certain days it is still hard but she never wants to go back to smoking. Good luck and hope this helps.

  • i never had to deal with this situation. but i see some good tips. have u tried something. did it worked? i wish u all the best

  • I found that I needed to find a replacement for the smoking with other things. I found whenever I craved a smoke I would go for a walk or clean the house. I’d put all the money I would have spent on cigarettes aside and when I’d reach certain milestones I would spend that money on a present for myself as a congrats. It is really just trying to take it a day at a time – which I know is hard but I know you can quit! Everyone can!! Don’t give up on quitting!

  • I gave up 11 years ago, it is such a tough addiction to give up, I tried gums and patches nothing worked,number one you have to really want to give up not because someone else is telling you too, I gave up the first smoke I had everday and that was the one I would have with a coffee not long after I woke up of a morning and over two weeks weaned myself off them until my pack was finished and then was cold turkey, I chewed normal gum when I would feel like a cigarette ,if it’s what you want stay strong

  • My hubby carried around a pack of tic tacs and a tooth pick or lollie pop. He found that having something in his mouth helped with cravings and the habit of having something between your fingers . Good luck. :-)

  • I smoked for many years, despite having nursed many people who had smoking-related illnesses. It was a combination of the increasing cost of tobacco, and my waking up often during the night coughing, that made me seriously try to give up. I went to the doctor, and because of other medication that I’m on, was told that Champix weren’t suitable for me. But they are very successful for many people, so check with your doctor to see if it’s o.k. for you to try them. My doctor recommended one brand of nicotine patches, and I tried them, but they didn’t do much for the cravings. Then I tried Nicabate 21 mg patches, and they’ve really helped a lot. I have a little bit of itchiness for about 5 minutes after I put the patch on, but then it’s fine. I also have Nicabate 1.5 mg mini-lozenges, which I use a couple of times a day if the urge to smoke is getting the better of me. And I’m down from 25-30 cigarettes a day, to none. A friend of mine tried patches and lozenges, but they didn’t work for her. Then she had hypnotherapy, and with that and also using e-cigarettes, she’s totally given up smoking. Both of us agreed that it wasn’t easy, even with help, but we’re both glad that we did give up. Good luck, I really hope that you find something that works for you.

  • Have you tried Champix?
    They are really good for some people.

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