yes warts are highly contagious leaving their infection on any surface that they come into contact with and can multi-ply on your body. we just dealt with this with our oldest. she had a plantar wart (attacks hands or feet only, the ones on knees etc are some other type of wart).
We went to the pharmacy and they gave us this tube type of stuff to remove it. It looked like a lip smacker tube but it contains salicylic acid which burns off the layers of the wart. Now this is not in anyway painful (my daughter is a sook lol but didn’t whinge about this) and you have to be careful that you don’t get it on skin around the wart. Apply directly to wart. Keep applying for a week and it disappears. If it is still there after a round of treatment then you go to the doctor and they will have to cut it out or burn it off with liquid nitrogoen which apparently hurts. The doctor will recommend that you use the salicylic acid treatment first anyway before they have to get more invasive.

Make sure that you complete the course of treatment as the root of the wart needs to be killed or it will grow again. Pretty yucky sounding stuff hey. My daughter had it on her foot and it hurt her to walk and it was huge but we got rid of it and she had a little bleeding but because the root was dying lol. Can’t explain it better.

There are home remedies where you can put masking tape on it everyday to “smother” it but the cream and the water proof band-aids did the job, plus my kids wouldn’t tolerate being wrapped in tape i reckon lol.

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Published 23rd October 2019

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