Every month, Mouths of Mums connects with over 2,000,000 mums;

Mums of bubs, cubs, tweens, teens and adult kids. We’re even rocking a huge group of very influential grandmums.

If you manage a brand (and products) you’d like them all to know, love and connect with … this is where you need to be.

MoM.connect has been designed to give you a delicious menu of connection options that put you in the driver’s seat in terms of what our members see from you, when and how.

No more waiting … hoping your story is picked up; MoM.connect gives you the connections your brand demands.

Your brands. Our community. Connected.

Achieving visibility for your brand, client or products is harder than ever.

You spend weeks developing campaigns, crafting content, curating recipes and launching products; only to discover that without a media budget, they may never see the light of day - let alone really connect with your target market.

After talking to PRs, brand reps and brands to see what they really need right now, MoM.connect is here to hand the power back to you.

Submit your campaigns with MoM.connect and know that you'll get the clipping. Want your content run? Consider it done.

Every step of the way you have full visibility and control via your campaign dashboard - with links and results downloadable at the touch of a button.

Self serve content beautifully delivered. Guaranteed.

You control your message.

What content can I add via MoM.connect?

Right now, MoM.connect gives you 4 different ways to connect your brands and your products with our members - it’s a menu with lots of options!


showcase your brand and product in a recipe! MoM Members all feed their families every day so love as much inspiration as they can get.


there’s nothing better than an article that is educational, provides useful hint or tips or simply lets our members know they are not alone. Articles are a great way to showcase your brand.


MoM Members love to win prizes so if you have products you’d like to showcase, a competition is a brilliant way to engage and raise awareness.


With over 225,000 pageviews every month, it’s great to have your products on Rate it. MoM Members actively seek out their favourite brands as well as new products.

(stay tuned … lots more MoM.connect options coming soon)

  • Set up your MoM.connect account
  • Start adding content for your brand
  • Your content published to your schedule
  • All eyes on you!
  • Campaign results at the touch of a button
  • We connect over 2,000,000 Australian Women every month
  • We have over 340,000 registered and profiled members
  • MoM members willingly engaged with branded content
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We can’t wait to start connecting you, your brands and your content with the 
Mouths of Mums community;

Let MoM.connect help you take control of your content … so that you’re delivering
 exactly what’s needed.

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