Mum shares her rant about parents sending sick kids to daycare and gets a surprising response.

“I am seriously so over daycare and the parents who send their kids to school stuffed to the brim with germs”, wrote one NSW mum!

“Colds, ear infections, gastro, sore throats and let’s don’t forget those everlasting coughs. Name it, my kids have picked it all up from childcare,” she ranted online.

“They just get over one thing and then BANG..there’s some other evil virus hanging around. And yes, I admit it, I’ve been guilty of sneaking in a dose of panadol minutes before taking my child into daycare, but in most cases, I keep my kids home when they’re unwell (for their sake as well as for the other kids).

“But this means that I feel like I’ve taken more time off from work than have actually been in the office! GRRR Is daycare really worth it? Is your childcare also a cesspool of germs? (And mums, if your kids are sick, please please please keep them at HOME!).”

Mums were soon quick to respond and some weren’t so kind

While many parents agreed and sympathised with the mum, many were not so polite.

Comments included:

– “Lmao….oh this is a good laugh…. thanks for the entertaining post…. you don’t like your kids bringing home germs or a cough from daycare, quit work.”

– “Hmm, a cesspool of germs, or somewhere that will help your child develop not only social skills, but a cast iron immunity, so that you, the parent, can go to work in order to be able to afford to live in this germ filled cesspool of a planet.”

– “You sound like a hypocrite. You addmitted you ALSO send your kids to daycare sick but your irritated other parents do it!!!
( btw ear infections are not contagious )”

– ““I’m guilty of sneaking in a dose of Panadol minutes before taking my child into daycare”… then you are part of the problem. Please do not EVER EVER EVER do this. It’s so dangerous. Panadol masks so many underlying issues, if they need to be medicated they NEED TO BE HOME.
Don’t send a dosed-up kid to care and then complain when other parents do the same.”

– “Go have a winge to centrelink who are putting the pressure on mum’s to be at work. I’m sure they would rather be at home looking after their sick babies but some of us don’t have the luxury of staying home. Maybe look at why your child is getting sick all the time.”

– “Haha! You have done it too then! Your kids infect others just the same. Have you tried working in a daycare and watching the poor kids with there Panadol wearing off and daycare is the last place they want to be! Your no better.”

– “Well the call of the almighty $$dollar$$ is so much more important than caring for your kids!?!? A lot of childcare centres don’t clean their toys regularly either. I’d rather live poor than use them and work!”

What the experts say

Sydney GP Dr Ginni Mansberg offers this assurance to parents: “It’s not unusual for little kids to have up to 12 infections with a fever a year.

“And while it’s horrible for children and parents to go through at the time, the bonus is that they’re building up a library of immunity which will hold them in good stead for the rest of their lives.”

A long-term study conducted by researchers at the University of Montreal from 1998 to 2006 found that toddlers in group child care get sick more often than toddlers who stay at home, but found those same kids get sick less often than their peers during the elementary school years. In other words, your kids are going to get sick sooner or later.

Find some great tips on avoiding the daycare bugs HERE.

Join our Facebook discussion below:

  • If they are sick, leave them at home. Simple


  • I HATE when parents do this. It is unfair to the staff and other kids AND the sick child grrrrrrrr


  • What an absolute contradiction this mum posted! Complaining about sickness, coughs, germs yet saying she’s sent her kid to daycare with Panadol before drop off! Wow. If your kid needs Panadol then it’s likely more than ‘sniffles and coughs’. And that kid can and probably will infect other kids with whatever they have. It’s accepted kids at daycare get sick. And not everyone has the luxury of ‘choosing’ to work & use daycare or stay home.


  • If you don’t want your child to get sick then stay at home with them. You say that because they catch something at daycare you end up with more time off work but you want others to keep their kids at home if they aren’t well. Aren’t you then saying they should take extra time off work to look after their children because you are more important that them. Why not get a Nanny so you no longer have that issue.


  • If its just little sniffles I have sent my child to childcare/kinder/school but if its much worse I would keep her home.


  • I thought there was a general understand that kids going to childcare get sick. It happens. The reason people use childcare is because they generally have to work and sick children means they can’t work. A real conundrum.


  • these days you can’t really afford not to work and in all honesty if I stayed home every time my kids had a runny nose I’d never work. Fact remains that you can pick up germs anywhere and getting sick is a part of growing up and building an immune system. Sure, if my kids are really genuinely sick and it’s not just sniffles or a cough I’ll definitely keep them home.


  • Some Day Care Centres you have to provide a Dr’s Certificate stating that your child is definitely not still contagious. One of our kids randomly gets a high temperature overnight but is Ok in the morning. We take him to the Dr. and he can’t find anything wrong with him. We have come to the conclusion that is an allergy which causes hayfever. I get earache in my right ear when I come into contact with something I am allergic to. It’s not a constant ache, “it comes and goes”. It feels like somebody has tipped very hot water in it and stops after about 30 seconds.


  • KIds need to build their immunity so by the time they go to big school they don’t catch much sickness


  • I do agree to a certain extent. I believe you as a parent can provide the best care for your child at home when they are sick. I’m also a huge believer in kids building up their immunity. I don’t work I send my daughter to daycare/preschool to socialise and extend her learning capacity so I have no issue in keeping her home.


  • Its called getting immunity – if you take your toddlers out before going to daycare they earn this immunity too.


  • When my grandson first started daycare, he too bought home every germ imaginable. And he lovingly shared them with all those around him. Now he’s 3, still in daycare and the germs he brings home are now minimal. Even mum and dads immunity has been boosted. It is horrible when it’s happening though


  • It’s indeed a bit hypocrite to complain and admit at the same time to give Panadol to your child some minutes before you drop it off at childcare.
    I’m blessed with rather healthy children who don’t get frequently sick.


  • I noticed when my daughter was in childcare she caught so many colds and conjunctivitis. I found it annoying, especially when she had conjunctivitis as she wasn’t allowed to be there with that which meant I had to take time off work. I thought the positive side to it was it was better to have these colds and coughs and build up her immunity before school started so she didn’t miss school. I hated having to leave her at Child care and work but there was a mortgage and bills.


  • It’s hard. I chose to be a full time mum because of the constant illnesses in childcare


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