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Is Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil worth the hype?

Stretch marks, Scars, Dry Damages skin tone, uneven skin tone, Aging skin

19 Answers

How do you manage your pms & associated symptoms...

Since having my daughter two years ago, each month my pms is insane. Acne, oily skin, ridiculous cravings,...

6 Answers

How to prevent Acne marks?

I’m in my 30s and been getting acne marks here & there, Do you have tips to reduce the chance of the acne...

3 Answers

10 Top Things You NEED To Know About Acne

Just because you’ve got acne (and let’s face it, most of us have or will get it at some stage!), doesn’t mean you...

29 Answers

What pimple breakouts really mean

Pimple breakouts are not just for teenagers and as adults it can be our body telling us something. There are many health reasons that...

30 Answers

Any advice for bad teenage acne?

How has your teen coped with bad acne? We’ve been on antibiotics and seeing a dermatologist who was all for trying the pill...

16 Answers

Anyone have an acne remedy?

Does anyone have a home remedy for keeping acne under control?

10 Answers

Anything to do about red marks from pimples?

I know that acne is common during pregnancy but the last time break outs I’ve had have resulted in a red mark being...

7 Answers

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