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Cradle Cap – Best Way To Get Rid Of It And Keep ...

Hi all, My Bub has cradle cap and it was quite thick and dry so I’ve been using organic...

16 Answers

Why does cradle cap occur?

I understand that the occurence of cradle cap is quite common in babies. Is there a known reason why this happens?

6 Answers

How long does cradle cap take to go away?

Winter is aggravating my baby’s cradle cap, just wondering how long it takes to go?

26 Answers

What is the best remedy for cradle cap?

What have you found to be the best treatments (bought and / or home remedies) for cradle cap that are both effective and...

14 Answers

Cradle cap – the facts

Cradle cap is a skin condition (a type of seborrheic dermatitis) that affects babies for the first few months of life. It sometimes...

49 Answers

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