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Tips for washing kids hair with grommets

MY 14month old just had grommets put in & I’m struggling with washing her hair! Does anyone have any tips?

6 Answers

Tips on how to help with post preg baby hairs

My hair fell out bad after I finished breast feeding. and now it is growing back SO SLOW! What has helped your baby...

14 Answers

The Secret To Finding The Best Hair Tool For Every...

What’s your hair type? You probably used to say dry, normal or oily but over time we’ve come...

30 Answers

Recommendations to enhance curls

Recommendations to enhance curls in mid-length hair so that it looks healthy and glowing and has no frizz. I have tried many different...

11 Answers

How to keep your hair healthy all year

Hair is important. It’s also a part of our body that has a lot of physical and physiological significance to us. The physical effects of...

8 Answers

Did you cut your hair shorter once you had kids?

Some Mothers cut their hair so they have less maintenance. Is that you?

11 Answers

What should I use to straighten my hair?

I would like to know with thick, long, dark hair to get it straight what would people suggest? Chemical Straighten Flat Irons/straightener OR New Straightening Brush (if...

6 Answers

What can I do for oily hair?

Any home made products I could try?

5 Answers

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