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Will a humidifier increase the risk of mould forma...

I would love to run a humidifier in my baby’s room overnight as he gets easily congested, however...

2 Answers

Does humidifier work better than vaporiser when we...

My son got croup a couple of times and I was told that using the heater could have...

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Do I Buy A Diffuser, Humidifier Or Vaporizer?

Hi Mums, my child has a cold but I’m confused whether to buy a diffuser, a humidifier or a vaporizer? What do these...

14 Answers

Warm Steam Or Cool Mist For Vaporizer?

Hi mums, I am looking to buy a humidifier or vaporizer for our household, but I’m not sure what I should choose. Do...

14 Answers

Any recommendations for a humidifier?

The doctor has recommend getting humidifier. There are few different one around, can anyone recommend the best one to get. Thanks

6 Answers

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