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Eye shadow and make-up for sensitive eyes

I’m looking for recommendations on eye makeup that is good for very sensitive eyes. I get very bad eye allergies and find my...

15 Answers

Can You Trust Your Moisturiser Labels?

If you suffer from sensitive skin, you know how challenging it can be to find a moisturizer that does not cause irritation, allergic...

4 Answers

Magnetic Eyelashes

I’ve seen a few ads for magnetic eyelashes – looks like a great product, has anyone tried them out? Good or bad result?...

12 Answers

Younique any experiences good or bad?

Does anyone have any experiences with Younique – either using the products or being a Younique Presenter. Has anyone been able to generate...

10 Answers

Video: ‘Real Mum’ hilarious makeup tutorial...

It can be a struggle as a Mum to find the time to get yourself ready as well...

6 Answers

The health threats hiding in your make-up bag

Unknown threats hiding in your make-up bag could be hazardous to your health. Besides contamination from germs and daily dirt and grime, we also...

21 Answers

Put on some makeup Mom!

Watch and have a laugh at this funny video of a little boy getting mad at his mum for not looking good enough...

17 Answers

Three fun ideas for family Halloween makeup

If you’re venturing out on Halloween with your family, it’s easy to create unique, themed costumes. With the fun Halloween makeup ideas below, you...

28 Answers

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