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How do you remove stains on white plates

Stained dishes

18 Answers

How to remove oil stains from your clothes

How annoying is it when you’ve washed and dried your clothes, only to discover an oil stain? Don’t stress, there is an easy...

41 Answers

What are some ways to get vomit stains out of baby...

We have been given some awesome baby clothes from a friend as we are due to have our...

7 Answers

How can I remove tomato sauce stains?

My kids brand new clothing is stained! I washed it an hour later with white king, no luck, then soaked it overnight with the...

18 Answers

How do you remove stains from frosted glass?

Does anyone know how to get pencil marks, texta marks and paint out of a frosted glass dining table? Thanks.

6 Answers

How can I get rid of stains in clothes after they ...

I am having a lot of trouble getting rid of stains from clothes once they have already been...

20 Answers

How do I get foundation out of white Lycra??

I have a uniform which is white Lycra and a bunch of other stuff. I can't put the whole thing in the wash...

8 Answers

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