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Aggressive 18month old son

My 18mth old son has started to become very aggressive. Pinching, scratching, hitting, pulling hair… He mainly does it when he is frustrated...

5 Answers

Video: Pet pig refuses to leave the beach

We’ve all been there, kids throw a tantrum and refuse to leave the beach, friend’s house or the park. Well this is a...

9 Answers

Hell hath no fury like my pissed off toddler

Hell hath no fury like a pissed off toddler. More specifically, like my toddler. I’m a redhead. This means, generally speaking, like other redheads,...

26 Answers

How do you stop the tantrums when changing nappies...

How do you stop the tantrums when changing nappies? If possible? I have tried , books, toys, singing…....

5 Answers

What’s the best way to handle my 18 month year o...

What do you do? How should you react when your child throws a tantrum?

7 Answers

18 Reasons not to have kids – FUNNY VIDEO

You may already have kids but here are some reasons to reconsider your choice, if you haven’t already! This...

48 Answers

Is this baby tantrum normal?

Is it normal for a 3 month old baby to arch his back & throw himself backwards when he is upset?

20 Answers

My toddler annoys me, how can I stop feeling this ...

I love my little girl to death but within the past few weeks she has begun to throw...

12 Answers

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