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Toilet Training a 4yo boy for poos!?

Our 4yo boy is fine weeing on the toilet, however refuses to poo on it. He wants a nappy and goes and hides...

17 Answers

Some toilet training tips??

I have a 2 year old who I would like to toilet train, but his speech is limited. I am wondering if this...

6 Answers

Can anyone offer advice with toilet training?

My 2.5 yr old will not stay on the toilet and moments after coming off the toilet she either does a wee or...

3 Answers

Tips to toilet train twin boys?

Hi mums, I would love some advice and tips to help toilet train twin boys. Thanks in advance

5 Answers

Any advice with toilet training?

I am a mum of a girl (3) and boy (16 months) and of late my little girl has been wetting herself at...

2 Answers

Any ideas to help my 3 yo poo in the toilet?

My 3 year old daughter does wees in toilet, but she refuses to do poos in the toilet. She will only do it...

9 Answers

The Case Of The Missing Undies

It has me stumped and oh so frustrated. The running out of undies, the finding of the secret stashes, the washing of the...

31 Answers

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