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What does your 20 week old weigh?

My 20 week old daughter weighs 5.6kg and sitting on about the 8th percentile. She wasn’t overly small when she was born or...

7 Answers

When does a child lose their baby chub?

Our son is 3.5 and is short for his age. Recently we’ve noticed that instead of thinning out and getting taller and leaner...

11 Answers

How did you ‘lose the baby weight’? I’m doin...

Would love to hear how others have had success

22 Answers

Healthy Mummy Shakes, are they tasty?

I’m looking to start the Healthy Mummy Program but nervous I will spend the money on the shakes and won’t like them.

8 Answers

How big were your full term babies at birth?

I’d love to know some of the smaller size full term bubs weights!

2 Answers

Celebrity post-baby body hype creates unrealistic ...

The latest trend for new mums is the view that you should be back to your pre-baby weight...

12 Answers

Hypnotherapy and weight loss – is it mind over m...

There is an absolute plethora of weight loss programs out there, how do you know what will work...

25 Answers

How do I stay motivated when trying to lose weight...

This time last year, I weighed 25kg less than I do at the moment. I’ve always struggled to...

29 Answers

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