We arrived at the lovely bushland caravan park, excited about our weekend away. A time to relax with extended family and for my kids to have their annual try at water-skiing.

Sitting by the open fire, it was so relaxing – the kids were toasting marshmallows and the adults sitting back enjoying a drink.

The stars were shining bright and we were all feeling good – until our neighbours started getting louder…. and louder, their conversation dotted with profanities.

Now, I am not a prude and have been known to occasionally drop the F-bomb, but this was unreal. And as we made our way to bed, we were forced to lie there and listen to it invade our space.

The next night was even worse, as more had joined the group.

The conversation was louder, the swearing worse and some of the subjects discussed extremely loudly were not fit for public consumption.

So, as I lay there stewing, unable to sleep, it got me thinking about how other holidaymakers can ruin your holiday enjoyment.

Take my friend who escapes every year to a secluded beachside location with her two young children. Usually a family environment, she was stunned this year to realise there were teenagers playing sex games in a public area.

“It’s the first time there has ever been anything like this,” she said to me.

In this instance, the park managers stepped in and the group were removed from the park.

Smoked Out

Then there is another friend, whose holiday last year to a Gold Coast resort was ruined by another family whose smoking on the unit balcony below left them unable to enjoy their own balcony.

My friend asked to be moved to another unit, which could not be accommodated. So, management spoke to the smokers, asking them to be a bit more understanding. Instead, they took affront to the impingement on their right to smoke on their balcony.

The result is that they upped the ante – as my friend realised when she saw them leaving burning cigarettes in ashtrays on their balcony. Not to smoke, but to create smoke!

Kids Gone Wild

Then there are the parents who let their children run riot – like when I was in a pool in a resort complex, watching as two mums sat back drinking chatting, leaving their toddler in the care of older children who were constantly dive-bombing, basically on top of me and my kids.

That’s not to mention the pungent smell that started coming from the toddler…..gross. And don’t even get me started on the people who can’t clean up after themselves in shared bathrooms.

We all want to enjoy our holidays.

So it is frustrating that some people don’t seem to think or care about how their actions and behaviours might impact on others.

I don’t have the answers, except to hope such incidents remain few and far between for you and me.

Have you had a holiday negatively impacted on by other people?

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  • some people just are inconsiderate to others


  • I have never had a problem and shut negative out when on holidays and just see the good in getting away


  • Only had something happen twice before, once was smokers on the balcony below us (in a non-smoking wing) the other was more difficult, a celebration party I’m presuming in adjoining room….the noise came through, under, around the door between our rooms all night :(. Management apologised but the motel was full & we were unable to be moved.


  • I so hear you! That’s why we very rarely stay in caravan parks.


  • Such a shame when people only think of themselves and not others around them.


  • I feel your pain! Sometimes the pain starts before you’ve even reached your destination eg. on the plane, train etc. Not sure why some people seem to act so differently just because they are on holiday. Some of their behaviours just seem so deliberately provocative and attention seeking.
    Extend this to neighbours too…and I could write a couple of books. Don’t get me started on barking dogs, power tools, loud parties…and a not so understanding local council.


  • Was at a resort once, some of the units were owned and occupied by the owner. The unit next to ours was owned by a guy who worked ODD hours/sift work, he would come home around 1.30 am and turn the TV on very loudly for a good hour or two, ( possibly to relax and wind down from working ), before he went to bed. This went on for three or so nights till we complained to management (there was a rule about noise after 10.00 pm) the management kindly had a word to him. But deference of this guy, he actually lives in this place, YES I know it is a public resort and he must abide by rules but I also think that they should have had a separate area for full time residents so they are not a bother to the general public and vice verse.

    • oopps sorry should read in-defense .


  • We done lots of caravan parks pre & past kids. I’m sorry but I just won’t sit back & put up with the swearing or kids dive bombing. I’d tell everyone off. I wouldn’t care if it was someone elses kids, if its impacting on me or my family I speak up.People are ignorant & sometimes need someone to point things out to them.


  • I love how people on holidays leave their manners and their ability to behave nicely as they do in their hometown and just go crazy on holidays. They think no one knows them so they let loose. I’ve been on holidays with friends with children who let others parent their kids as they think with so many adults around someone else will handle their kids. We had kids eating breakfast on the lounge and leaving dried cereal everywhere and soiled nappies left around and kids half eaten food all around the chalet. OMG we never did this type of holiday again. We were just married so we learned that this was not going to happen to us again nor would we do this to anyone.


  • As a Mum of 3 boys our annual holiday was camping at a lovely caravan park that provided wide open spaces & playgrounds for our boys. The peaceful evenings often got louder when the weekend visitors came in but fortunately the park owners had security staff that would patrol the grounds & stop the offenders in their tracks!


  • I’m no prude, but as a mother of a child with asthma who is sensitive to any sort of smoke I would have been seeing red at those smokers on the balcony. Very malicious to purposefully leave burning cigarettes, not to mention dangerous. I hope your friend got some reimbursement. I’m ok with people having a smoke, but seriously to be malicious about it is terrible.


  • I agree with most of the above, but the smoking well i am sorry it is a free country and they were outside on their own balcony. They wouldn’t have been doing it 24/7 so they should have just gone inside for 5 minutes and then there wouldn’t have been any issue. By the way I don’t smoke.


  • It’s often down to manners – or lack of!


  • had an experience with camping,we’d gone to bed,and the family staying next to us decided it would be great to let their children hit fences in the parks with hammers,which got two dogs in the park barking every time they hit it,considering it was after midnight there were many grumpy families.


  • And I felt annoyed because I was kept awake by fellow campers sleeping several metres away in tents who snored all night – not in unison either. We were in an well insulated caravan so you can imagine how loud they were. It’s bad enough when you have somebody in your caravan snoring part of the time. Next morning the guys from the two tents were stirring each othewr about their snoring. I kept right out of that conversation. At least they weren’t drunk and disorderly like some we encountered on another weekend break.
    Holidaying can be so much fun and relaxing if people consider each other and are responsible for the behaviour of their children. I know they can be next to you one minute and gone the next but near a pool you just don’t take your eyes off them.


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