Hi wonderful mums group hope you all are well I’m after some advice / opinions

So I found out I’m pregnant with no three I took the morning after pill but it didn’t work I’m 6 weeks 5 day ( had ultrasound today)

I had a miscarriage last year

My children are 6 and ten
I’m really not sure on what to do how hard is it having three and such a big age gap ? Me and my partner been together for 18 years and we are loving life atm with kids being independent and getting full nights sleep lol how do you decide it’s the right choice to make to add another or not too my partner hasn’t said much in regards to having or not having another one feel he want me to decide
Any advice would be lovely
Thankyou all in advance ❤️

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  • Firstly – I don’t think this is a decision anyone of us can make for you. It’s something that only you and your partner have to make the decision on. You need to sit down with him and make the choice together. I don’t think the age gap will be an issue at all and the older kids will want to help you out and will dote on their new sibling I’m sure. Good luck in your decision

  • I have a large age gap with my sister (9.5 years) and it may have caused issues when we were younger but once we were all adults it’s all fine. 3 kids will be busy but it will be so joyful! I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who has regretted having 3 or more kids. It’s definitely crazy but their life is richer.

  • Between me and my sister ( so my husband and his sister) is 8 years gap.

  • My two daughters have a large age gap. One is 13 the other is 6.
    We love it. The older child has always looked after her sister and their bond is so strong.
    I would not have it any other way

  • I really feel that you have to do what feels right for you and your hubby at this time. I know how overwhelming it can be and hard to imagine having another baby when you seem to be in the next phase with your other 2. Either way, your family will adapt and adjust and everything should work out as it should.
    All the very best.

  • There are advantages to this gap: the other two are old enough to be of some help, you already know what you’re doing, and it’s easier in some ways than having three close together. Good luck whatever you decide.

  • I hope the decision that you make feels right for you and your partner. The age gap won’t be a problem. The older ones will probably love helping out with a baby.

  • This is really something you and your partner need to decide and non of us can really advice you in this. But in regards to the age gap, I wouldn’t worry much, your slightly older children will most likely adore their younger sibling and can help you a lot

  • I believe things happen for a reason & there is a reason this bub has chosen you & made it miraculously through the morning after pill.

  • I think you know in your heart what the right decision is for your family

  • In my personal opinion all babies are a blessing and it looks like you have been gifted this miracle baby. I believe everything happens for a reason.

  • I think if you think you can do it then do.
    Your other kids are a bit older now so you can always ask them to help out with little things just to make everyday life a little easier.

  • Your body , your choice. I’d suggest an open discussion with your partner about the pros and cons.

  • It really depends. I personally found the younger years (higher dependence on you, sleepless nights, constant care) very hard and am getting used to more independent kits, so for me, I wouldn’t. But then again, between 2-4 they’re so cute growing up and your older kids will probably be able to help more than you realise.

  • Ultimately it’s up to you both if you think you can cope. My oldest and youngest are 6 years apart and the older one absolutely dotes on her younger sister. She was very helpful and because she is independent it made it more manageable.

  • Not really a question we can answer here as we don’t know you or your situation. Speaking as a mum, you’ll cope with whatever you decide to do. All the best ????

  • It’s always a tough one when an unplanned pregnancy occurs, I think even more so if you tried to prevent it from happening. Unless there are concerns for the baby’s well being, I’d say go ahead and add to your family.

  • I only have 1 so I can’t answer in having multiple. But myself and my sister have a 7 year age gap and we are still quite close.
    Sit down and have a proper chat with your husband to find out if this is what you both want to do!
    If you can both emotionally, physically and financially support this baby then go for it.

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