So I had my period early and it was light and ended early as well. Been have pregnancy symptoms like dizziness, nausea, tiredness, sensitivity to smells, and bloated. I assumed I was pregnant so I took two pregnancy tests different days and both were negative. So now I’m lost and confuse to what it could be. Please can you ladies give me advice or opinions. Thanks

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  • There are a lot of things that could give you pregnancy like symptoms, so i think it best to go to the doctor, get a blood pregnancy test, and bloods to check all your other stats, Find out what’s going on.

  • It’s possible you could still be pregnant. I was feeling tired, had no energy or appetite with my son did 2 pregnancy tests at home – both negative, did another at the doctors which was negative and then the doctor ordered a blood test. This came back positive. Best advice is to see a doctor.

  • You could try a blood test at your doctors?

  • How did you go? Did you go to the doctors and find out?
    Hope all is ok

  • I think a trip to your local GP would be the best answer. They can do a more sensitive urine test and possibly a blood test to confirm.

  • Wondering how you are going and if you did see your GP. ? Do hope all is ok.

  • If you are concerned, see your GP who will also give you a pregnancy test to either confirm or rule this out as the reason for your symptoms. I hope all goes well for you.

  • Personally I would assume that you’re not pregnant since you had 2 negative test. I myself am not the type that runs to the doctor quickly, and would just wait for some weeks and do another test. Try to relax and really, time will tell.

  • Hope you managed to get support and answers.

  • I would say no, are hormones do crazy things to our bodies which can cause some odd things to happen, also stress, tiredness, ect can make a woman body do odd things.

  • I would suggest you go and pay a visit to you G.P to correctly inform you.

  • Maybe get a blood test. They will be more accurate.

  • Best advice I could give is get to your gp ASAP. They will do tests and find what’s exactly going on

  • Your levels may be too low to test if you are pregnant.

  • It sounds like you just didn’t have a true period. Best to make sure though a get a blood pregnancy test to know for sure

  • My advice would be go to the Doctors and tell all this.. Trying to do it yourself is not always best way, as maybe other reasons for your symptoms. As trhey say bettr to be safe not sorry. Hope everything is OK and you can put your mind at rest

  • Definitely book in to see your GP. If in doubt they will send you off to get a blood test. In my opinion and experience it doesn’t sound like you are pregnant. I was ttc for two years and often tried to symptom spot hoping that any difference in that month meant I was pregnant. Try another test in a week or yeah see your GP. Good luck.

  • I would suggest a visit to your GP

  • A GP can give support and guidance about possible pregnancy.

  • I had implantation bleeding with my daughter, and tested a day or so later and it was negative. But a week or so later it was positive. So I’d suggest give it another week or so if you really think you’re possibly pregnant and try again with a First Response test. They seem to be more sensitive to the pregnancy hormone. If you’re still concerned, head to your GP for the blood test. That’s the best way to know.

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