When we moved in the shower screen glass had that much build up on it. I have never been able to get rid of the lime scale and calcium build up. I have tried absolutely everything I can think of. Seriously need what works for you so I can try it. I have tried all cleaners like bam, CLR etc. vinegar, lemon, baking soda etc. I have even tried to use car headlight cleaner.

Please help I am at my wits end.

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  • I was going to suggest vinegar, but you’ve already tried that.

  • Oh yuck! I have 2 cloths that I use together, one washes and the other buffs. But they’re for regular cleaning, not for cleaning build ups. If you’ve tried everything, you may have to consider replacing the door or just learn to live with it

  • sounds like you tried it all – maybe replace the door?

  • Have you tried the chux duets? They have one cloth with a rough edge that gently scrapes and another that polishes

  • We had the same problem and eventually hired a professional glass cleaner and despite his best efforts he couldn’t get the screens gleaming either. Our screens were less than 2 years old and he said that the quality had declined in a lot of newer shower glass and that we’d be better off getting new screens and having them coated (sounds the same as Mardislaw’s post below). We still haven’t taken that final step but unfortunately it’s on the cards. I know it doesn’t help but I feel your pain!

  • Pool acid and then once clean spray it with polish to keep it clean

  • What about gumption

  • Havent tried it but I read recently that WD-40 does wonders….

  • Degreaser will work

  • If you’ve tried all those things, it is likely that it isn’t on the outside of the glass but rather on the inside. I had the same issue for years, I couldn’t get anything to work, we eventually found out that shower glass has a very fine lamination on it, and the soap scum had ‘wicked’ its way between the layers. We were told to take the screen off and remove the rubber seals and it would dry out after a few months (it didn’t look wet though, just like scum). We replaced it in the end. And we bought a new glass, which has a protection stuff, can’t recall the name on it but it stops scum build up… but the clincher is that all the stuff you use to clean your showers will take it off and that is when scum will build up. We were told to just use water and wipe clean the shower screen once a week instead of using any product at all. We’ve done that now for about 6 months and not one bit of scum! The shower has never looked cleaner, the screen is always clear and like new. We will have to reapply the stuff every two years. But definitely so worth it!

  • Put 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 dishwashing liquid into one of those dish drubbed with the fillable handle. Scrub the shower glass at the beginning of your shower, leave and then rinse before you get out, after a couple of weeks it will be glean. Then do weekly to keep clean. Doesn’t smell the greatest but it does work.

  • Use a chamois and domestos with a scourer

  • Why don’t you try a good scrub with Jif Cream and a scourer sponge? I also find adding some household bleach to the solution can work wonders as well. Good luck xx

  • My hubby is a motor mechanic, so we’ve always got commercial degreaser on hand, which works exceptionally well when sprayed on and left to dissolve the gunk. I think you could probably get it from SuperCheapAuto, Repco, Bunnings or similar. Good luck

  • My mother, my grandmother and probably my great grandmother would say ‘Gumption’. The grit in it really seems to lift a lot of stubborn stains and marks but doesn’t seem to ever scratch anything. I like that I’m not inhaling sprayed chemicals when I use it.

  • I have recently purchased a couple of Norwex cloths that work a treat and all you need is water! A blue semi, scratchy one (that you wring out with water) and a purple ‘polishing’ one to dry. Quick, easy and leaves No streaks! Here is a link to a friends Facebook page who sells Norwex! https://www.facebook.com/BeckyBarryNorwexIndependentConsultant

  • if all else fails try truck wash, I have used it on mine and it worked, tried just about everything else first! after cleaning get some turtle wax car polish and coat entire shower with it, use a window squeegee after every shower and you won’t have to scrub your shower after every use. Re wax every 6 months.

  • At home I use my Norwex Kitchen Scrub cloth but then our shower isn’t that old.
    At work as a bond cleaner we use the Oats Hand scrubber, Blue or black pad (be careful the black pad can scratch glass when new but is truly the best).

  • There is a Product called Shower Power made by OZclean it does work well.

  • You could give toothpaste a go, I use it to clear the gunk off my headlights and it works like a charm. You can get the cheap stuff from the discount stores it works just as well. Good luck.

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