I ran out of laundry powder and am wondering what’s the difference between top loader and front loader laundry powder. I have a top loader and used front loader powder instead. Is it ok to use front loader laundry powder in a top loader?

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  • Using top-loading detergents in your front loader can cause too many suds to build up in the machine, which can overflow and fill your laundry with foam

  • I always understood that front loader wash powder was less sudsy than top loader wash powder. So you could use front loader wash powder in a top loader but not vice versa.

  • Yes, I ran a commercial laundry, the only difference is that top loader powder has an additional chemical added to make it frothy, because we like to see bubbles, front load machines mechanically cannot handle the bubbles which is why it is not added to front load powder, the only other thing it does is greys your clothes and puts gunk through your machine but you feel better because you are programmed to think that bubbles clean things better, the same thing goes with dishwashing detergent, people want bubbles and different products have came out without bubbles to avoid smearing but they are taken off the market as no one buys them, because we want to see bubbles, humans are a funny lot.

  • They say there is a difference but I don’t think they’re very different to be honest.

  • They are the same I think. I use both in the front loader, all good.

  • Great question I have always wondered:)

  • no idea, I have a top loader and use a lot less powder or liquid than suggested by the manufacturer.

  • I’ve always wondered about this, we’ve just bought a new front loader that has a bubble wash cycle, seems suds are actually making a comeback!

  • I asked this question of a mechanic and was told that if i used a little less of the powder it won’t hurt the machine. He said most detergents today are full of fillers and its better to wash with the laundry balls than to use detergents. He did suggest once a month to use the detergent and other times use the laundry balls. these are also better for the environment. He suggested that soap nuts are also preferable to detergents with fillers.

  • front loader is meant to have less suds but a lot of top loaders also use low sud powder now too (well, mine does)

  • I was wondering this too so thanks for asking !!

  • It should be fine. Front loader washing powder is just less foamy than top loader

  • We have a front loader and we use any powder, I think that front loader powder has less bubbles tho?

  •  The top loader produces more suds than front loader

  • Top= more sudds! I think it can be bad for a front loader (probably after extended use)

  • Forgot to say I’ve used top loader powder in my front loader, only used a lot less and all was ok with the wash.

  • Top loader washing detergent is more sudsy and front loader isn’t. U can’t use top loader detergent in front loader machines as the suds can be bad for the machine. To use front loader detergent in a top loader is ok if u have one of those newer machines that only take front loader type detergent. Again not reccommended to use top loader ones in those types of machines as it can be bad for it too. But… if ya have an ordinary top loader machine, the front loader detergent may not have enough suds to clean the washing properly. U can use it, but unsure how it will clean. Hoping I made sense, lol!

  • the powders are pretty much the same i think. but a front loader machine uses alot less water, as once the items are in the machine that is it, where as the top loader you can keep adding. i love my front loader and ill never go back. another added advantage, is that the kids love helping with the laundry as they can actually get it out. plus with a front loader, there is more ‘storage space’, ie the top of the unit, where as with a top loader that has gone. i hope this helps

  • From what I know, top loader produces more suds than front loader, I’ve always used from loader detergent in my top loader, I was told it’s better for your machine :)

  • What a good question. Interesting

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