My 8 year old is struggling with school and I’m wondering if there are any sites out there to help them cope?

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  • I agree with other comments to sit and support your child yourself before other kind of help. Reading eggs, Matific, Funbrain etc are all great websites. I would also have a chat with the teacher if she observes the same struggles and what to do about it. Many schools work with TA’s who can spend some extra with your child in area’s she’s struggling with. You could also think about Kumon tutoring

  • You can actually buy a Naplan style book from stores like Big W and some book stores I found that this helped my kids and they didnt mind doing them and they are not that expensive either to buy

  • First off nothing beats a parent sitting down and helping the kids hands on with vital one-on-one time that they often miss out on at school.
    but as for websites there is
    literacy planet
    reading eggs

    my 8yr olds favourite is literacy planet because they have little avatars and can send hugs to school friends.

  • Maybe look at helping him yourself, school isn’t that hard at age 8, ask his teacher for some work sheets to do at home etc

  • I would look into tutoring. I’ld also ask the teacher for some work to do at home, home work I guess. You could help out too I’m sure. Talk to his teacher, ask for some suggestions

  • Do you mean socially or academically? Mine struggled a bit with both. I used to sit down and play fun, yet educational, games to help them with learning. Socially, I took them to anything and everything that involved other kids. He made really good friends that he’s still friends with, 10 years after high school.

  • I would ask his class teacher for a appointment so she can talk with you about what they are using at school and maybe give you your childs log in codes so you can work on them with him at home. Also my son has access to speach theropy provided by the state schooling system in vic. Turns out he was having issues with putting things in the right order or understanding what he was reading and it has helped him greatly. It took a bit of pushing on my part for him to get it. They did a assesment and agreed he needed it.

  • If it is reading I would spending more time reading with your child, you could find something that interests them eg. AFL football, use newspaper articles or match day records. Join your local library they have great programs available. Ultimately you need to be prepared to make extra time for your child to benefit.

  • There are many areas of support, first start with the school. The teacher would be aware of what is troubling your child. Is there a problem with bullies? Your child may be experiencing difficulties due to lacking development in social skills or learning difficulties. A full medical check up may be in order to ensure your child has developed to the age/ stage to be in this class. Hearing or sight impairment, might be something to consider if it is issues with school work. Tutors are available to help with children who need a little extra help.

  • Am sure there are heaps but I would be working with the teacher to establish what they are using at school

  • reading eggs, mathletics, spelling city, and study ladder all schools I work at use them the kids love them and don’t think they are learning they think it is computer time!

  • I would speak to the school and find out exactly where they are struggling at our son’s school they use some free online things so I was given his password so he could play games at home and improve his confidence.

  • My children enjoy ABC Reading Eggs. You can quite often get a free trial to see if it suits you and your children.

  • is that for school work or friendships/ settling in?

  • Krissy I thank you so much for your answer as my son also has this issue. I’m going to look into what you have advised, as I believe this Might be a good thing to try for my son as he is easily distracted and very tech orientated.

  • my nephew was struggling with schoolwork- he has since changed schools and they have allowed him one day home schooling with my mother- she has lots of numeracy/literacy apps on an ipad and he puts his headphones in and sits down and does them all alone. His improvement has been absolutely dramatic!! he gets 100% on every test now. Some kids learn better alone and with quiet. Also a school that cares makes a big difference- his old school just kept saying he has a behavioural problem.

  • Reading eggs online has really helped my granddaughter who starts school next year. I’m sure it has given her a head start in literacy & numeracy.

  • It depends what area he’s struggling with. The school should provide literacy & numeracy help if he’s struggling. My son struggles he was 8 early in the yr….we changed schools & now getting things sorted out… Have you seen a paediatrician…they can help. Get us ears& ees tested too. There could be underlying issues going on … Speak with his teacher & ask questions to your son….you may earn things you didn’t even know when you show he interest in them… Good luck it’s a hard situation.

  • Schools often have chaplains or social workers appointed to them. I have been through both with my son as he has had some problems concentrating etc and found them useful as from there I was able to complete a Connors scale test with the teacher, the social worker and myself involved and found some underlying issues and ended up going to a Dr who specialises in these sort of areas and was assessed with ADHD and other associated things.

  • I would speak to the school, they will be able to help, Unfortunately this is very common and maybe your child may need a tutor just to help out. You can also go and buy learning book activities from the news agency for maths and also english.

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