I am 38 weeks pregnant, is there anything I can take to help with hayfever?  Cold face washer is not doing the trick, my eyes have red rings around them. Thanks.

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  • Ask your doctor if you can take herbal remedys from the health food store if you cant take chemist medicines . That would be the next best thing and try and keep your home dust free as it helps me a lot too as I get watery eyes and sneezing during summer months .

  • Vaseline up your nostrils? I agree with the posts below. Speak to your GP or chemist. You can use loratidine in breastfeeding, your pharmacist will be able to tell you if you can use it in pregnancy.

  • you can get tablets that you can use when pregnant

  • hope that you got through that alright

  • at your stage of pregnancy, you should see a doctor or mention it to your pharmacist or baby health nurse and get the right advice. you may just have to put up with it

  • Himalayan salt lamp helped my son, as well as a stem vaporiser

  • I would try nasonex a nose spray that you can now get over the counter for hay fever or the new eyes pray.

  • I have used saline nasal sprays with great success. Flow and Fess are two, but at the moment I am using one with Eucalyptus and Saline, I bought it from priceline and its called Otrivin. Also, there are natural products for sinus and hayfever, one I use is Brauer which is made in Tanunda SA. https://www.brauer.com.au/

  • I have suffered with hayfever on and off for most of my adult life. The best natural thing to do is pop in to the chemist and ask for a FLO nasal kit or FESS nasal spray. It gives a pH balanced saline wash out to remove those pollen particles in your nose. Usually it used for sinusitits or post nose surgery, however an article the other day praised it for removing pollen particles that we have breathed in. Worth a try, good luck.

  • Because you are pregnant, I personally wouldn’t recommend anything other than for you to contact your Doctor or Chemist for advice.

  • Polaramine is about the only thing that you can take whilst pregnant. It can make some people drowsy so I would recommend having a chat with your pharmacist :) hayfever whilst pregnant (and breastfeeding for that matter!) is the worst! Hope it eases for you soon!

  • Myself and my family use plenty of vicks vaporizer and they reckon put eucalyptus drops at the corner of the shower before you have a shower and rub vicks under your feet before you go to bed and rest stops over them that might help maybe not

  • I do a nose spray clean out.
    Its not nice but works
    Its a 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda
    To warmish / cool water (1/2 a bottle)
    Hold one side of nose closed and squeeze.
    Hold mouth open mive squeeze pointer iut of nose and let it run out.
    j use the feeze nose spray bottle. Available from most chemist

  • We use Brauers Natural Hayfever tablets. They might work.

  • Fess always works for me!

  • Oh you poor thing….I was like that and went to see my Doc…its so long ago now i cant remember what he gave me but it was brilliant. From memory it was just a nose spray but it helped me so much. Call your Doc…they should be able to slip you in to see him/her or perhaps your Doc would be wonderful enough just to write you a script or even suggest what you could get from the pharmacy.

  • Glad you are feeling better and I just want to wish you well with your birth, best wishes and happiness to you and your family.

  • The cucumber sliced on the eyes is doing wonders thank you. I have even been applying amolin cream. Its like because I am pregnant my face cant cope with hayefever. The red rings around my eyes are still there but it at least feels better.

  • Two helpful answers ..also put some Vaseline up each nostril when out side as it traps the pollen and dust, then give your nose a gentle blow and apply more Vaseline.
    Also maybe a talk to your chemist or GP is in order.
    Best of luck and wishing you well.

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