My Miss-one-year-old is a very fussy eater. To make it more tricky, she can’t have eggs, dairy or nuts. Do you have some ideas on what I can feed her for meals?

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  • Maybe you can try a vegan diet as it doesn’t contain any animal products and omitting any nuts?
    Most vegan products are much better tasting now than they used to be 5 years ago.

  • Toddlers are renowned for being fussy eaters. Bug you never hear of a toddler starving themself to death. They eat when they’re hungry, just keep fresh healthy food on hand for when the hunger pangs hit

  • I dont have any advice as my 2 year old is the same with out the limitations about what she can or can’t eat. I make breakfast, lunch amd tea with majority of it going to waste. She grazes through out the day so im happy with that.

  • Stick to the fresh fruit and veggies, best way to avoid intolerances. Maybe check out google for some inspiration

  • Give her finger food that she can feed herself…so carrot sticks cooked, broccoli and chicken…she will not starve herself just don’t force her to eat.

  • My 1yr old is beginning to be fussy. At the moment the only thing I know she won’t turn down is a fruit smoothie. I’m constantly offering bits of food throughout the day as well as formula to try and make up for any deficiencies. She loves spaghetti, curry, tacos and sometimes when she’s refusing everything else grilled chicken breast works too.

  • what about a concoction of vegies cook then mash with non dairy product. shepherds pie is another thing to try,fish is good steamed or fried,spagetti with normal meat sauce or mushrooms and non dairy sause. Good idea is to get vegitarian cook b ook or ideas of the net. Honestly so many varieties, with out all the foods your little one is unable to eat. Hope this is helpfull been around lots of kids in my time and still am

  • No eggs, dairy or nuts can be quite hard, but there are many foods you can substitute with. My youngest is dairy free and we use lots of coconut yoghurt and coconut milk. Instead of cheese I buy a vegan cheese by Woolworths (red leicester). Instead of eggs, you can use flax or chia eggs, which is very protein rich too. Instead of nuts, we use lots of roasted broadbeans and roast chickpeas and pumpkin- and sunflower seeds are also a good alternative for nuts.
    At the age of one I did lots of finger foods and prepared them in an ice cube tray, so they could just grab when they were up for it.

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