I’m wondering if other Mums agree, it seems like a lot of children don’t have manners. Often I’ve given a kid a item and they just take it with no thanks. I try to teach manners, just wondering is it taught at school or only at home?

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  • I think it’s something taught at home, and praise given from the teachers when used.

  • They should be taught at both, though it’s mostly a “home” responsbility.

  • Both home & school ! Before kids go to school they solely are at home most of the time, some foundation should be laid at home.

  • It starts from home and schools reinforce it

  • depends on the school. I hope that no matter where my children are – school, home, friends house, shops, they use their manners and are reminded to if they don’t.

  • I think manners should be taught at home.

  • I am a firm believer in ‘manners begin in the home. We now live in such a fast paced world and children sometimes forget or parents are over worked and may let their game down a bit however the practice should begin in the home. If a child neglects to say please or thank you, or excuse me I am quick to pull them up on it.

  • Manners should be taught at school and at home. I know my kids teachers were big on encouraging manners

  • Manner should start at home. It seems that children who practice good manners stand out from their peers at school because so many children do not say hello, thank you, please etc.

  • Manners lessons should begin at home when the child is a toddler ( i.e: Tar) after that reinforcement both at home and school need to come onto play. If the child is not taught how will they know/understand what is the accepted way to act and speak. Kids need support in many things and manners is one of them, as is be taught that they cannot have their own way just because that is what they want!

  • I think it should be taught at home and school. But more so at home as that’s where the basis of all education begins

  • It should be taught at home and at school

  • Should mainly be taught at home, but definitely at school as well.

  • They are definitely taught at school. Its interesting how quickly children learn what is acceptable in some circumstances (what they can get away with). As a teacher I have seen children with impecable manners at school because they know what is expected in that environment – and yet they run riot through a grocery store with a parent because they think that it ok.

  • Manners are definitely taught at school. Just as we have all met rude adults, so too do children forget to be polite. We all have to gently remind both adults and children at times.

  • Oops! should read; adults lead by example!

  • Manners should be taught across all environments; it starts at home and is reinforced by school and other community organisations. Adults need to be good role models and use manners too. Children lead by example.

  • I work in a school office and we have to correct so many students when they come in to ask to get something. It’s very sad the lack of manners nowadays.

  • Yes please &no thanks ,don’t hear that much but I do like to hear them .

  • Well the way some kids behave you would wonder if they were taught at all. I think they are trying to improve manners at school by having ethics classes but I believe it is left to the parents.
    Manners should be instilled in children at a very young age. My 2 year old boy says bless you everytime he hears someone sneeze, burps, coughs or clear their throat and waits for them to say thankyou so he can say you’re welcome.
    I highly recommend it but unfortunately a lot of kids these days don’t know basic manners

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