And how much did you give?

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  • For all infants, including those with severe eczema and/or existing food allergy, peanut and other solid foods should be introduced around 6 months (not before 4 months) and in the first 12 months, when developmentally ready, as recommended in the ASCIA guidelines for infant feeding and allergy prevention.

  • I think around 6mths from memory. Make sure you watch them closely for any reaction and have antihistamine on hand

  • I think it was a teaspoon on some bread at about 1.

  • I gave it to my kids at about 12mnths with some toast.

  • We gave them peanut butter probably when they could start eating bread /sandwiches and only spread a bit on the bread. I don’t know much about allergies but maybe that’s a test to see if it is suited for them . Ask your childhood nurse as well .

  • My daughter was 12 months old and we just gave her a piece of toast with it on there. My son is nearly 11 months old, and we will do the same with him.

  • Under one year and when shde was still breastfed

  • I don’t like peanut butter so never brought them, but my daughter had peanuts after she turned 2.

  • At about 8 months.

  • As soon as they started eating something other than milk. :)

  • I ate it throughout my pregnancy and breastfeeding, and introduced it to my kids at 12 months.

  • My toddler is 25months and I stillhavent given him peanut butter.

  • about 11 months of age, but we have no allergies in the family. I skin tested her first then just gave her a little taste.

  • If there are no family members who have allergies it is likely that your children won’t have a problem. However because these reactions are becoming more common and it has been suggested that it is because of pesticides to the plants or GMO foods that is the cause. There is no need to eat peanut butter so I suggest don’t introduce it at all or if you do, do so when baby is older. You may place a dab of peanut butter to the skin to see if ti reacts. Anaphylaxis is the most serious type of allergic reaction. It can progress very quickly and may cause death without proper medical attention. Cardiovascular reactions such as pale/ blue color, weak pulse, dizzy, shock, passing out and becoming unconscious.
    An allergic reaction usually happens within minutes after being exposed to an allergen, but sometimes it can take place several hours after exposure. Respiratory reactions such as coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, chest pain/tightness, throat tightness, hoarse voice, nasal congestion or hay fever-like symptoms (runny itchy nose and watery eyes, sneezing), trouble swallowing. Skin reactions such as hives, swelling, itching, warmth, redness, rash. Gastrointestinal reactions such as nausea, pain/cramps, vomiting, diarrhea. Because of the seriousness of having an allergic reaction peanuts are not allowed in day care centers, preschools, kinder gardens and schools or on flights. My rule of thumb is when in doubt..don’t!

  • I gave my son a tiny little bit of peanut butter on a little bit of bread around 11mo although we have no allergies in our family.

  • I think around 2 years, not for any reason other than I just didn’t eat it before then, so I never bought any. And just a bit on toast.

  • About 6 months on a bit of toast. But no history of allergies in the family and I had eaten throughout pregnancy and while bf. If concerned run a little on skin first before giving to ingest

  • We gave our son a little peanut butter on toast when he would have been about 9 months. He developed a rash around his lips, which appeared to be a reaction. We held off trying it again for a few years. He then had no reaction to it at all and currently loves peanut butter.

  • My eldest had it 12mths+ but my youngest I didn’t give as we usually don’t it eat. But now the general thinking is not to delay the introduction of food such as peanuts and eggs. These foods can be introduced into your child’s diet from six months onwards provided they are given in an appropriate texture such as peanut paste and well mashed, well cooked egg.

  • From memory it was from about 12 months

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