So I had my last baby 6 years ago. My lovely friend has offered to host a baby shower for me, I wasn’t going to but could be fun? do other people have baby showers for a second child?

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  • A friend offered to throw me one but I chose not to have one. If I had a second chance, I’d probably have one – not for the presents – more for the fun and social aspect of seeing friends all together.

  • If you want to just do it if your friends dont mind it do it

  • Absolutely. You don’t want to regret it afterwards.

  • I would love one but have no family or friends to invite

  • Its personal choice and is usually about celebrating the addition to your family! Yes have a baby shower if you want one! Theres no rule about it! People make the misconception that you only have a shower for presents- it\’s not! It\’s a welcome side part of it but not the main reason to celebrate another baby in the family!

  • I wasn’t planning to have a shower with my second but my sisters decided to throw me a shower due to the age gap between my girls (9years). If they want to throw you a shower I say go for it! I know of others who have done the same.

  • If I had a 6 year gap between children, and someone was offering me one, I totally would have another one! Personally I had two baby showers for the first baby, because I had lived in the city all my life, then got pregnant a year after moving to the country. My Mum gave me one in the city for my old friends, and a lady at church gave me one (she offered) with some of my new friends in the country.

  • I had a wonderful baby shower for my first baby, but I won’t be having one for my second as I’m already so busy with a toddler and I think it’s just too much.
    If I had a 6 year gap though I’d definitely think about having one! It’s not just about the gifts, it’s about celebrating your baby!

  • i never had on for my second but i would defiantly have oneif there was a 6 year difference between the first :)

  • I did not have any baby showers. I am not a great fan of them especially after reading Mom 60351 post.

  • I had six children and never had a baby shower. For my husband and I, it was a wonderful, joyous, personal event. We enjoyed the entire pregnancy together, but respectfully answered other peoples questions when they arose. We didn’t need or want a baby shower but I am all for a baby shower if the mom-to-be wants one.

  • I never had one with my first child, but my mother in law insisted so she organised the whole thing with my second child. I was super grateful and it was a lovely day. Definitely do it!

  • I had one for my first which I planned, and probably wouldn’t do it again for my second but if someone else offered to plan it I would be open to the idea! Although the second time round I would probably but have a small get together rather than the whole schbang!

  • My best friend offered to throw me a baby shower, but I chose not to have one.

  • I had a baby shower for my first child but unfortunately she was stillborn however I did go on to have 2 beautiful boys but refused all offers of another shower as I personally felt it was wrong

  • I didn’t have a shower for my first, so when my friends threw me a surprise shower for my second bub I was so happy! Every baby is worth celebrating!

  • I had a surprise one thrown for me when I was pregnant with my third. They weren’t a huge thing when I had my first 2, there is 9 years difference between my second and third.

  • I personally didnt. I feel like a baby shaower is a special occasion. Being 6 years since your last i would host a small shower.

  • i had a babyshower for my twin daughters, it was actually really helpful as im still to this day a single mother and all the gifts i got i actually used and was very appreciative to those and their gifts, :)

  • I have heard of people starting to have ‘Baby-Qs’ (a spin in the word BBQ), and having both parents there as well as friends and family. It’s more a chance for everyone to catch up and celebrate the baby that is coming. It feels less like a gift grab, especially if you make it clear that gifts are completely optional and the main purpose is to see friends and family :)

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