My daughter is 4 and always wants to play games her big brother plays – and big brother 9 wants to play all these games that are too old and hard for daugther 4. We’ve just started playing uno junior and the kids like it but we want some more variety for our family. What games do you/have you played with your family suitable for both of these age groups? Thanks

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  • The game trouble /ludo is good for 2- 4 people. Sometimes the game can be quick, and other times it can play for a long time. Monopoly is banned at my house after one too many tantrums. Lol

  • Not monopoly lol it is banned at my house. Too many tantrums. A game like trouble/ludo can be good.

  • Trouble and Snakes and Ladders are good for both groups.

  • I’ve always loved Trouble, and it’s good for every age group.

  • Headache is always a fun family game (that usually does result in a headache!)
    We also play Pairs, we spread all cards down on the floor & each player on their turn flicks up 2 cards and try to make a pair, if you get a pair you get another turn. It’s great for the memory to!
    Monopoly Jnr is also a lot of fun.
    So is Operation Jnr.
    Hungry Hippo.
    Guess Who?
    Hope this helps :)

  • Beetle is a good one. You spin up body parts fir a bug and have to complete it. First with finished bug is winner. Hungry Hippo is fast and fun. Trouble is awesome, but 4 year old nay need help with counting. Uni is popular

  • my 3.5yr old loves guess who!

  • We got the board game wheel of fortune or mouse trap if the kids are only young

  • Yatzee, Monopoloy and connect four. Also snakes and ladders.

  • I highly recommend a game called Spot It! — each card has a matching picture to every other card in the deck, whoever finds the match first gets to keep the card and you just keep going until all the cards are finished. It’s a little expensive (about $30 for the deck) but it’s a great game for little kids, bigger kids, big kids and adults as is really just looking at pictures which evens out the playing field!


  • trouble is always a great one or the other one we do is snakes and ladders

  • there are many great board games that have been around for decades, that are still popular learning tools today. Monopoly is a great strategy and money learning game, upwords, boggle and scrabble are great for building words and vocabulary, dont say that word or taboo, is great at teaching children to use words to describe objects without using the selected words. Guess who, no matter what age is fun, draughts and chess help children learn that they need to think of moves their opponents will make or trap their opponents into making. Trouble, snakes and ladders and variants teach children counting techniques. Battleship another good game. then you have childrens trivial games, kerplunk, jenga, pick up sticks and tumbling monkeys – I dont think it matters what games you select for your children, it comes down to having fun, communication and most of all how to play the game as a good sport.

  • Connect 4, guess who, snap, monopoly, junior scrabble, clue, checkers, snakes and ladders, twister.
    That’s just a few maybe pop to big w or target and see what they have to offer :)

  • My granddaughter who is turning 5 in a few weeks time likes playing Snap & Junior Pictionary, though some of her drawings are hard for me to solve but she is good at guessing mine!

  • We just got cherades for kids and we’re having a blast. my kids are 7 and 5, your 4yo may need some help but it should still work.

  • My dad used a big piece of cardboard and made us our own board game. Snakes and ladders, dad-style. We loved it…plus it was east to put behind a cupboard or door when it wasn’t being used.

  • Junior Scrabble is the best game we find as it’s not as full on and its suitable for all ages and won’t go all night either LOL

  • ludo
    connect four
    snakes and ladders.
    You can purchase a games compendium fairly cheaply from K Mart or woolworths and it has games for all ages.
    we also liked to play trivial persuit and uno you can get junior versions of most games that will be suitalbe for all i also loved playing scrabble and I spy with my children. Starting with colours for non reading participants then shapes and rooms then progressing to letters .

  • Connect 4
    Junior scrabble
    Old maid

  • Connect 4
    Junior scrabble
    Old maid

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