How do you go about choosing the best breed of dog for your family? We’ve promised the kids we can get a dog but we just don’t know where to start!

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  • An older rescue. The rspca always checks them with kids too. Bonus: they cone toiket trained.

  • I recommend a shelter dog. There are heaps of dogs with no homes, many which have a friendly nature, perfect for kids. The specific dog breed will depend on the age of you children but usually labs and beagles are great family pets.

  • Big dogs I would say Golden Retrievers and labrador. Medium dogs springers, Small breed Jack Russels

  • Jack Russell’s dogs are great family pets and their so very cute and super smart.

  • We have a border collie and she’s so protective over the kids. When we take her to the beach she would rather look at the kids and keep an eye out for them before playing with other dogs. She loves our kids. And they love her. People tend to say they need a lot of exercise but I think they adept to your lifestyle. In the end you go out more and spend loads more time as a family. They are quick learners. Can’t recommend a border collie enough. She’s an angel . Photo of our Nala and the kids at the beach.

  • Labs, begals spinger spaniels are all good with kids

  • Speak to people who have dogs but first of all work our the traits you need, what ages your kids are and how much time you spend at home and how much you can walk the dog will all be important in deciding the breed. If you get a rescue dog they’ll help you once you know what you’re looking for.

  • Also – ask the kids what type of dog they like.
    Of course adults still need to make the final choice but listen to their ideas.

  • The type of dog depends on lifestyle. Dogs need exercise and depending on the size of the dog room to move about and play. There are codes for families when purchasing a puppy/dog which match lifestyles. These codes are useful for making sure the right dog is purchased for the family. Dogs are forever family members and the choice needs to be made wisely taking into consideration all family dynamics.

  • If you live in SA go to the Animal Welfare League. They don’t just let you walk straight out with a pup or older dog. You have to spend a bit of time with it to make sure it likes you and doesn’t shy away or get aggressive at all. When you get them they are already desexed, vaccinated (or have had some of them depending on their age) and have been wormed. The money you may have to pay seems excessive but remember that the treatment they have been given is well over $100.00 They also try to make sure they are actually suitable for adoption. They will advise you how much exercise they need, how big your yard is for them to run around in etc. They use information to advise what breeds are suitable for you.

  • Another thing to consider is how much money is in the budget for a dog? It will need feeding as well as regular, plus unexpected, vet visits. But please make sure you adopt from a rescue. Adopt, don’t shop, and save a life

  • We have a beautiful pmeranian x Japenese Spitz. He was 3 years old when baby came along and from day one they have had a great bond. Our Dog is protective and cuddly of our son. My Son is almost 18months old and love to play ball with our Dog

  • Go to the RSPCA and have a talk to them about rescue dogs. A bitsa is always the best, they are loyal and have much less health problems. Take into consideration of the fact that “well” bred dogs have many issues and end up costing a lot in vet bills. Any dog is perfect as long as you love it, care for it and take them for walks every day. Try going to a rescue center and walking along until you feel a connection with one. Don’t always go just by the look or how cute they are, look at their personality and how they react to the kids. You do not want nippy or jumpy dogs with kids.

  • Google :)
    Staffys are great family pets as are golden retrievers. Just depends how big you want, maintenance etc

  • I have two toy Maltese X Pomeranian. They are basically slipper size and have lots of energy for my kids to chase. They are very gentle and love cuddles. The best thing is they don’t grow very big so not much garden maintenance and also having two dogs at once is handy as when they were growing up together they weren’t lonely so if the children didn’t want to play with them they had company to play with. I was sceptical to this theory initially however having attempted it I found that it worked very well.

  • A Labrador is a gentle and beautiful dog for families.

  • We have a Keplie x border collie and he is such a great family dog!

  • Get a book from the library that talks about dogs and what you can expect. Depending on your circumstances, as the person before me wrote, some breeds of dogs are more suitable than others. We went through all that and at the end we chose a Labrador Retriever. They are sweet dogs, very careful with kids, sociable and with a very good character. But probably I am biased when I say that. :-)

  • It all depends on your circumstances. How much of a yard do you have? Will anyone be home through the day or will the dog be left alone a lot? How much time do you have to dedicate to exercise and training? Do you have small toddlers or older children? It’s not as hard as you’re expecting it to be. Go visit some rescues and check out the different dogs. Please adopt a rescue though. Help end backyard breeders and puppy farms and save a life

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