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  • So far as I know, there are no reliable ways to achieve this.

  • I can only say you can hope for it

  • I have found the answers on this thread very interesting. I always thought it had something to do with how warm or cold the husband’s sperm was. Warm = girl and cold = boy.

  • The others here have it right – my two girls were conceived when we had sex a day or so before I was due to ovulate. Don’t go pee right after sex either! Keeping it in there longer (as gross as that may sound) helps as you dont push all the girl swimmers out with your pelvic muscles.

  • XX (male) sperm swims the fastest whereas XY (female) sperm lives longer. so the best way to try (without gender selection IVF) is to find out when you ovulate and have sex 5-3 days before you ovulate rather than on the day. you want the sperm in you waiting for the egg, NOT the egg waiting for the sperm.
    but there is no way to guarantee a girl naturally it just ups the chances.

  • I read, tried and it worked. Try to conceive in the beginning of your period of ovulation than stop. They say the “swimmers” to make a girl take long to achieve the egg…

  • try to DTD after you have ovulated! worked for me. i have a boy and girl :) GOODLUCK

  • We tried this method for both our pregnancys and got a boy when we tried for boy and a girl when we tried for a girl. If you want a girl you have sex 3 days prior to ovulating and then no unprotected sex till the next month if you want a boy then have sex on the day your due to ovulate. We got pregnant first try with both as well.

  • I don’t know if this is just an old wives’ tale, but I’ve heard that if the male sperm is kept warm, there is more chance of having a girl. So no boxers, and lots of warm clothing on before sex. Good luck.

  • Google the Shettles method. It was popular decades ago I think and I don’t believe there is a lot of scientific evidence for it but I read the book and it made sense to me so we gave it a go. Mind you, there is absolutely no guarantee and I believe if you are not going to be happy with whichever gender you get then I’d be hesitant trying for a baby with just one gender that you are set on.
    This method worked for us but could have just been coincidence.

  • I’ve heard the more you have sex the chemistry of the womb changes making it more likely that a girl will emerge.. so perhaps that is part of it!!!…From memory the sperm/hormones had something to do with making the womb more or less acidic (favouring certain girl sperm)…maybe google this… (and if there is anything in it see also if there is any other way of encouraging the right womb conditions)… also I think it would be worth seeing if there is anything your partner can do to encourage the ‘right sperm type’…. foods are meant to affect sperm so perhaps there is something he can eat!

  • Google the shettles method, it involves having sex prior to ovulation or just at the start, due to boy sperm being quicker. Good luck!

  • Cross your fingers? Girl sperm lives longer than boy sperm so you will need to have sex a day or two before you ovulate for your best chance but there is absolutely no guarantee.

  • Simply google “tips on ways to try for a girl” you will be overwhelmed by the answers.
    Everything from bellybelly.com.au to wikihow.com.

  • My understanding is that the sex of a baby is dependant on the father’s sperm.

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