Our neighbours have just moved in and want to cut down our hedge between us. In its place, they want to plant new shrubs and put up a fence. The hedge is technically on our side but they keep hacking away at it on their side. I’m worried it will eventually die – and think this is what they are aiming for. I don’t want to plant a new hedge. The one we have is drought proof and doesn’t cost us any money. If we agreed, he wants us to pay half for the new hedge plus our we would have ongoing water costs to establish the plants and it would take years for it to grow up for privacy. Does anyone have similar experiences? What did you do?

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  • You may need to speak to your local council about what your boundary fence options are. Hopefully they don’t cause you any other grief. Good luck.

  • I would keep your hedge. Why can’t they plant another hedge in front? Then each look after their own hedge.

  • I would get legal advice and see what options you have.

  • try and make nice. that doesn’t mean bowing down to them and doing what they want, but tell them straight up that you don’t have the money for it. Taking photos of the hedge on both sides now is a good thing to do, but if the hedge overhangs, then they have every right to cut it down.

  • Just say no and stick to your guns.

  • Talk to your local council and explain the situation and what your options are. If they end up destroying your hedge and put up a fence it is their responsibility and you do not have to pay for anything. Good luck

  • Issues with neighbours are always tricky. We’re told to work it out as we have to live next to them, but this never works. Fencing is always an issue and Council refuses to be involved. You do what works for you. Don’t be bullied into paying for something you don’t want. Simply, if they want something, they need to pay for it… fully!

  • Take photos of the hedge from afar and closer on both sides, then i would be contacting the council to have them confirm the entitlements.

  • Ring your council & complain that your new neighbours are coming on to your side of the fence and.are trying to kill you hedge or contact there realastste agent or your’s either the council or the astate agent will be able to help you

  • Find out where the boundry line is. If the hedge over hangs their side and it is your hedge I believe legally they are allowed to prune it to the boundary line.
    We had issue with our neighbour as he had a decorative fence between us and them and there were trees all on our side. We removed all our trees and shrubs and then people could see in his yard which he didn’t like. He chose to change the fence to a colourbond one so people couldn’t see in and we told him we weren’t contributing to the cost as we had no issues with the fence/set up that was their.
    My suggestion is to let them know your thoughts and that if the hedge dies you are not replacing it. That there will be a basic fence put in and if they aren’t happy with that they may stop killing poisoning your plants.

  • If the hedge is entirely on your side I’d propose putting a basic fence on the actual border. Will likely be much cheaper and much less drama in the long run.

  • I have had problems since I moved into my place nine years ago a wire cyclone fende about 3 and half foot high between us and every time I planted something on my side it was poisoned I was so mad so stopped buying plants. I’ve asked him to go halves in getting a fence between us halfway between us around thirty foot and he wouldn’t reply so I walked off. So just before Christmas I saw a handyman doing some cleanup over his place and in front of him I asked the guy if he was interested in doing this fence he would have to pull the posts out with the wire to replace it and the guy said he was then smart mouth said he wanted the whole side done only in Colourbond I walked off as he was being smart with this guy, and there is no way I am paying for Colourbond as plain is all I have to pay half for it. So nothing has been done so neighbours can been so hard with borders and plants and I hear what your going through and I would do what others are saying take photos and put up some protection to stop them hacking into it. If they want new then they do it at their expense and it can turn real nasty as people can be irresponsible and stupid.

  • We have had problems with all of our neighbours due to behaviours of my 10yr old and with 4 of them we could talk it out. However 1 neighbour continues to cause problems and I’ve made quite some attempts to make it right. They’re extremely intolerant even to my youngest who has Down syndrome. I’ve given up trying with them and try as much as possible let them go. However I would not be willing to spend any money on a fence when I have a hedge I’m happy with. When they’re happy to place a fence they will have to pay for it themselves.

  • Try to get a rapport with your new neighbours if it is at all possible. Sometimes when you can talk things through as to why the hedge was there in the first place, etc. you might have a better outcome.

  • Make it clear you’re not able/ going to pay… Given the reality of the world at the moment I think not being able to pay might go on for years!!! What they plan sounds ok.. IF they foot the bill. Maybe they will if they really want it. But if you really love your hedge just say ‘no’.

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