I know that Thermomix is expensive but is it really worth the money?

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  • I don’t have a brand name one, I bought a affordable one from Target about 5 years ago when I had my first baby. It was great and I still love it to this day. I always said that if I used and loved it I would upgrade but didn’t want to commit that much money if I didn’t use/like it. I’m still very happy with mine and have found it worth the money but not sure I could justify the $2K for the expensive ones

  • YES!! I love ours and have saved way more than it costs!!

  • It depends how much you use it and what you use it for. It has a lot of recipes with it. A friend of mine has one. She has a family member with a special needs diet so it makes it easier to make sure that food doesn’t come into contact with food all the others in the family eat.

  • I got this as a 40th birthday present from my entire family, so it was good that i didn’t have to spend the money. But i think i would spend the money anyway. It was fantastic for baby food, i use it all the time to chop my vegies, and you can get some really good recipes which use a thermomix – and it does make it easier. My husband is not a cook in any way, shape or form, but he likes to use it when there is a specific thermomix recipe. Yes you can do all these things using other appliances, but this is easier and creates less fuss. The only type of cooking that i don’t do in it is when i’m baking cakes – i prefer to use a stand mixer for mixing my batter.

  • If you want to be pureeing brick and cliff edges, yes thermonuclear awesome. Just joking. I personally think it’s all over rated. Just eat a balanced diet. Pureeing the c**p out of everything isn’t my thing. But some people love it and that’s o.k.

  • I don’t have one but I hear its great.

  • I don’t have one but I know different people who have it and say it’s amazing!

  • Good question.. and I am interested to see that majority of responses are that they are not worth the money

  • I like it and use it often, but probably wouldn’t buy one again.
    The scales are really sensitive, and are often incorrect by quite a lot. While it was still under warranty I sent it back 3 times, but don’t want to spend more money on it now that it’s out of warranty.
    It’s a great cutting machine, and great at risotto and sorbets, but I don’t love it enough to see the value in the price….my oven on the other hand is something I would have paid more for!

  • I always read lots of reviews about products to help with decision making. It may be worthwhile doing this for the Thermomix?

  • Following
    I think if I got one it would be like the other machines I buy and never use lol
    Saying that I got a Kogan knock off and it’s amaxing what it does

  • I personally dont think so.

  • I think the consensus is depends if you would use it. Maybe see if you can borrow one off someone you know to have a trial run.

  • Have a demonstration and see if it would suit you. It’s a different way of cooking and you need to be committed to meal planning and learning how to use it.
    It’s hard to change, and sometimes it is easier to just throw together pasta and a jar of sauce, but if you want healthier foods without additives, it’s worth it to know what you’re eating.

  • It isn’t something I would use and I love kitchen gadgets, but it is mega expensive and not something I could justify purchasing

  • My neighbour has one and I use hers all the time!!!! Its amazing

  • I’ve had all sorts of kitchen gadgets over the years. Some I’ve wanted and sought out myself, some have been gifts. Most I haven’t used. I loved my bread maker, I used that til it stopped working. It all depends on if you’re capable of adjusting to using it. Me, if it’s not simple to use, I tend to not bother. Which is lazy, I know

  • I got one 7 years ago and still use it constantly. I don’t have or need a mix master, food processor, blender or rice cooker as it does the work of all of them. If you already have good appliances, think about it. If not, it is worth the money, and saves space

  • I do not use one – I know people with them that do not use them and people that do.
    It depends if you like gadgets/equipment and will use them.

  • My friend bought one second hand (off another friend) and uses it all the time but I know lots of people who have them and don’t use them so it depends if you will use it or not. You can get a cheaper version but I don’t know the differences between the two.

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